ACTivegamerS presents SFIV-!150dollars BONUS POT!- RESULTS, 8-8-09

ACTivegamerS presents SFIV-!150dollars BONUS POT!-, Hawthorne Ca, 8-8-09


1: Alex Valle ($157.00)
2: Hugo101 ($78.50)
3: onlinetony213 ($9.50)
4: Warahk
5: Javier
5: Shizza
7: DJ Vest
7: Black Pyro
9: Leo
9: Volt
9: Mooyang
9: Krayzie Bone
13: MyDingLing
13: Jaime
13: Mint
13: Dax
17: Yubin
17: Jason
25: HugS

3v3 Teams

1: Valle and friends (Valle, Warahk, Shizza) ($45)
2: Team BBA(Buncha Bad Asses) (DJ Vest, Onlinetony213, Hugo101) ($15)
3: Javiers Krayzie DingLing (Javier, Krayzie Bone, MyDingLing)
4: ACTivegamerS (John, xMacx, Volt)

congratulations and thank you for attending our tournament, please look forward and plan ahead to attend our next event scheduled to happen early sept. please leave your comments and suggestions as they are greatly appreciated.

Yea, so this event opened my eyes about my skills.

I really fucking suck at this game. I JUST DON’T KNOW!!!

Mr. Valle, Shizza, Onlinetony, Hugo, Pyro, thank you guys. I thought I was hotshit because I could rack up a nice win streak at James Games and hit Sagats links, now I know better.

It’s time for me to hit be like Goku and hit the hyperbolic time chamber. I dunno if that’s going to AI more often, or going to RTSD, or trying to get a spot at YJDK, but I’m gonna think of something.

And thanks to everyone at Active Gamers for running this! It was a really well-planed and well-run event.

GGs to all. Nicely run event. Wish more people showed up though. No biggie either way.

GGs guys~

ggs to everyone i played and thanks to jaime and krayzie for teaming up with me (this is javier by the way)

the venue and setups were awesome. i’ll definitely be attending the next one as well.

jaime?! my name is david dude! haha

3rd place represent!

despite it being a small event, it fucking rocked! I walked through the door and saw Alex Valle and I just melted. I wanted to impress! I messed that up! And wow he was awesome on the 3 v3! GYT should have the videos up tomorrow!

I cant wait for the next one! I hope more people turn out and Ill grind even harder!

^ Fixed :rofl:

Same here man, it was fun. If you’re ever down for casuals, we should try and get something up, cause god knows we need practice… lol

Good stuff Javier and Jamie, jk lol

Javiers Krayzie DingLing :rofl: haha

Also, notable mentions:

Props to Hugo101 for hanging in there, you did really good man. And props to Alex for taking first. Peace

gs valle on the free money! gl in sbo!

i like to say ggs to shizza, Mr alex valle, waralk, and krazy bone… hop ultra rules again yaaayyyy…

Hugo owns bison now…

Black pyro always gg’s

tony is the new seth master…

GGs man, we definitely need to play again.

And mad props to Hugo’s Bison, very impressive.

Just who is this Krayzie Bone character?

Go back to MKU, sir. :arazz:

Nice Valle:karate:


Lots of Alex Valle.

3-on-3 coming tomorrow.


GG’s to all who attended. and big ups to valle for taking all the money yet making everyone feel better about losing. keep it up. next time i wont be drinking the night before. lol

GGs to everyone!

Active Gamers - good job on running a smooth tourney

Til next time good sirs!


I Was Lucky I Went To a Tourney…In a Long Time…

Nice Meeting U Alex V.!!
I Think I’m Gonna Try And Main Seth More Now…!!
I’m The “Seth!” in West Coast…lol!!!

Horay For The Arcade Version…
(No Seth) lol

GG’s Everyone!!!

Updated with a couple team matches. More coming tomorrow.


Tony the new Seth on the WC lol =] yep!

My favorite match

sooo pro man, SOOO PRO