Actually Purchasing Sanwa / Seimitsu / Happ

Hey, just wondering if peeps could post links to sites they’ve used to purchase parts for their custom joysticks, I’m basically looking for reliable websites, all i ever seem to find is forum posts when i google search, prbly just not searching properly but w/e.

Any info would be great,

thanks again.

…Really? You couldn’t find any of the pages listed on this forum? At all?!

Oh wow. + what raeli said.

Akihabara Shop
Ponyboy’s Thread for Sanwa, happ, & now Seimitsu parts too
Lizard Lick Amusements (Located in the US)
Gremlin Solutions (Located in the UK) (Located in France) (Located in Germany)

Nice April fools joke xD oh wait…

See how fast it can be closed looks at clock GO!

lol its probably somebody just fucking around at work… making an account to fuck with us.

if not. jesus… you cant read at all…

I get all my Sanwa parts down at the local 7-11.

^^^ :frowning: (my contribution to this thread)

This is the EXACT reason why people dislike the 09ners. its because 90% are idiots and dont think or search anything.

yes im a 09ner but always came to this website for MvC2. didnt have anything good to say or ask because EVERYTHING WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! fucking search people and SRK really needs to start handing out infractions for shit like this

Same here. I usually fill up on gas, grab a Big Gulp, lottery ticket and my Sanwa’s.

Oh dear god, they’re staring into my soul…

I’ve got some spare Happ parts. PM me for more info.

Maybe he can read but doesn’t have time to spend hours browsing threads?

And even if he finds the Aki thread, you can’t actually see any of the product they sell since they’ve taken their site down.

I just joined and I knew I too was frustrating having to read hundreds of posts before I found the information I was looking for. You can’t use a forum search until you know the search words to search for. :slight_smile:

if you dont have the time to read, why are you even bothering to mod a stick?..

and its not hours to read, it took me less that 10 minutes to find LL and another 10 minutes to read the sticky about 'new to sticks" and another 5 mins to order my parts

am i wrong?

You must have come in on the boat before the SF4 craze and everything was out of stock.

And you’re saying that within 15 minutes you found out everything you needed to learn about Sanwa vs. Seimitsu, octagonal vs. square gates, and which sticks are easily modded and which ones aren’t? I’m sorry, I’m raising the BS flag on this. :slight_smile:


op please watch this

yes i did its because im actually smart and dont overthink everything. besides what was there to think about? JLF is the better stick overall, easy to apply and adjust. buttons are preference, sanwa is quite and seimtsu click…Octo=8 square=4 hrap3 is the easiest to mod and cheaper than buying a custom stick…

whats hard again? simple read and understand. everything is right infront of you just…read