Actually Purchasing SSFIV AE 2012


I am planning on buying ssf4 at the weekend but i was just wondering how much Microsoft points in total will it cost me to download arcade edition and the 2012 edition (i will buy the disc copy of ssf4 then hopefully download the expansions via market place)


I think it’s actually cheaper to just buy AE disk now. It’s like $20.00 for it and the 2012 is free.


Damn…you are right.
Glad I bought the PS3 port during the holiday.


sadly they dont have the disk version of AE in the UK.


this is why people who ask for everything to be DLC should be put outside in the yard and not allowed in until they realize they are begging to be given less options as a consumer.


Is that not what this is? I was thinking of picking it up myself for PS3.


actually thats not true. i nearly picked up a copy of it from grainger games back on the original release. good luck finding it now though. i know a lot of the big chains didnt even have copies to sell online.


yeah i meant to correct myself i found it on the brittish amazon