Actuator feeling

when i modded my HFS3 i switched the stick components from my JLF to the HORI stock so that it would fit. The directions dont feel as… “defined”. im not sure how to word it, but it feels like my Octagonal gate is more circular. Like i when I move the stick in a 360, i feel all of the directions better on my SANWA in the HRAP2, than on my HFS3. is the circumference of the white actuater larger than the black SANWA?

Well from what I’ve heard the stock hori stick(like found in the T5) is not as reliable as a sanwa stick. Duh. Anyways I believe the “deadzone” becomes much larger in the stock hori stick after constantly play and use.

The dead zone becoming larger would be a result of one of two things, either wearing of the actuator or wearing of the micro switches. Wearing of the actuator would case it to get smaller thus making the corners of an octagon plate more pronounced.

The only way you would feel less of the corners is if the actuater from the hori stick was larger than the sanwa one. While I dont have one of each to measure, this is the only reason the octagon plate would feel more circular.

yeah thats what i was thinking. ill probably just have to cut the length of the black actuator, so it can fit and feel better for me. i was just wondering because a lot of people who mod the smaller sticks with JLFs, retrofit the hori and use the white actuator, but i cant live with how it feels :stuck_out_tongue: