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Hi umm… I want to make a request…

I would like an av with Sentinel on it (non-animated)… :pleased:

EDITED To make Allen’s thread stay teh purtay. :pleased:

in my pic can i jump to the side so it looks like im being blown again? oh yeah can i have a piece of fence go rite through my legs and blood gussin out?

and dont forget in ur pic i want you laughin on the ground, then i want you to diE and fukin bURN!!!

can i have an av of naruto or oro??

160*64 of course,sn somewhere in it…

need pics just ask hehe…

dope…can you make an animated avatar of cable doing the ahvb on sentinel and at the end of the animation there would be text saying “Cable says F*CK YOU Sent!” O it’ll be cool if you can add the initial ‘AM’ on the bottom somewhere and just take your time.

thanks a lot dude

wait… did you actually need something athan?

anyways remember guys there i have a lot of other requests so things might take like 3 or 4 days, or i might forget about them and take wutever i feel like doing first

make daigo look evil, and have it say the beast ^^

Could I just get a Magneto avatar? Any mag sprite, any color, and effects. I dont care.

Could you do Zero a favor and shrink this pic do that it’s less than or equal to 5K? Please don’t make it avitar size or anything, just do as little downgrading as needed to be 5K or less.

athan… im not doing that avatar

anyways for everyone just check the first post to see if your request is done

let me guess zero, its for the kung fu clan site… lol

thx man.

Can you make me a cable av in his crouching hit sprite (the one with the funky smile LOL, when he gets hit by an overhead attack while crouching i mean)…throw in some animation and include my SN please…i’d appreciate it greatly…

hey aznmnky can you think of something else besides cables AHVB cuz i dont have a sprite thats clear enough to use, unless you can find me one

and vinnyman, wut sprite do you mean, cuz if its him gettin hit while he crouches, i dont have that sprite

and oh yeah, just to let everyone know i suxz at ps so dont expect much… :shake:

Hey AD: I see you are a well-rounded av maker, and I’d much appreciate if you’d try to create one for me as well…

Take your time; you’re probably swamped, and my current av can work for the moment. It’s just, I’ve had Id as my AV for so long, and I was hoping you could change things up a bit =P

If you would, I’d like to request a FF7 avatar or Cowbob Bebop AV. If you have any still-frames or .gifs or anything from FF, that’s cool. Just have fun and I’ll be happy with it! As for CB, anything with Spike, particularly with a burning cig.

I used to have a Spike av that I liked a lot, but it’s been lost. Thx for reading =)

i told everyone to repost their requests in my thread but they didnt come, oh well

i guess this means i got only 2 for now waitin, aznmnky and vinnyman, think of another cable scheme i can use cuz i dont have the cable sprites you guys wanted

cool, thanks

its a bit big, ill just resize it i guess

that’s cool dude…um…how bout a blast coming out of Cable’s pistol while he’s pointing it at Sent and Sent blows up. i would still like to keep the idea for the text.

thanks again man

Many, many thanks, Asian Demon.

Team Rom owns your existance.