|AD| blargz

not taking anymore requests

no animations

this is my style

ur suppose to be studying

Hm, I’d like an av with Spiral in it…

I haven’t had a good one in years :slight_smile:


the iron-man one looks cool…i will try to make one with my style as u did with mine once :wink::wgrin:

i guess MV315 is right, sorry reset, i cant make you it, i gotta study for exams =\

anyways banshee, member since 2000 and the same avatar? wow hummmm ya know… after thinking about all the avatars i ever made in the last 6-7 years… i dont think i ever made a sprial avatar for anyone, should be different

LBC try all you want but… >:O, ill own you!!!

there goes one

and reset… imma try to find a better pic to use, that one is too low quality


Thanks, I really appreciate it! :smiley:

epic, wtf i guess its a cail thing lol

hey im sorry about the size, i was wondering why your avatar looked different than the one you have on, you resized it a bit, but here’s the redo of it

18k so it should be better for ya

nah it’s a bad WoW habit lol

thanks again!

It was a bit too big (almost 21k), so i resaved it in photoshop at 17k.

That c viper one looks awesome man, good shit.