Adamantium vs Vibranium: MvC3 Combos, Resets & Maximizing Damage Output



For the 800k BnB…can you post inputs?


j.S MMHS j.H xx l shield slash j.uH S l shield slash S j.MMH j.MdHS l shield slash xx Hyper Charging Star

also use this link instead now


omg the delivery guy can’t get here soon enough. I hate all of you who got it already. >:(


Thanks gimpy! I’ll see if I can use this in a few tourneys!

Btw, do you think it’s possible jump cancel an up + h into another up + H? I’ve been having trouble doing that properly.


you can’t jump cancel air up h or down h so no it is not possible


As a side note for y’all its easier to relaunch off a tk knee l shield slash from a wider variety of angles than the grounded one


As another side note Im using hawkeye unscaled poison to make my bnb do over 900k - race ya to a million! Most i got so far was 940k with assists!


That sounds awesome gimpy.

using your combo I was able to modify the original relaunch combo we had in vanilla. I could probably get a second HCS to connect after doom missiles but trying to get used to throwing a shield to otg lol. btw thsi is roughly 950k but takes two bars boo!

and this


^^ Second video, how much meter does that build?


In your second combo add an h charging star when the doom.missiles hit! A liiiiiiitle more damage


Heyo Gimpy,

I did this on accident, but I think I’ve come up with something that you could make use of. I found out when using your combo after using the last aerial S, I recovered fast enough in the air to do an extra action before landing.

From that, I accidentally inputted an air L shield slash on the downed opponent, and it connected! I was then able to follow up with an H Charging Star into Hyper CS.

Granted, this requires possibly 3-4ths of the stage, but i thought it might be handy to know.


on the corner CAP can do ABC S then super jump back MHS. CAP will land far enough for the OTG shield to come back for a relaunch. Kinda similar to Hawkeye’s corner combo


Alright, just got outta the lab with Cap. Got a corner BnB since you can’t use air shield slash in the corner, inspired by mission 10 :slight_smile:

jS MMHS j.M double jump j.H (delay) j.dH land l charing star S j.MMH double jump MdHS light shield slash hyper charging star 772,600.

Also stole gimpy’s day one BnB and changed it a bit

jS MMHS j. uH l shield slash, land, jump j. uH m shield slash, land l charging star S jMHdHS, land, l shield slash, h charging star, hyper charging star 824,400

I believe Hyper CS was mashed to it’s fullest but I’ve been playing all day and my hands are tired. but at 824,400 all you would need is a hawkeye poison arrow after the last light shield slash right before the h charging star into hyper charging star and you’d break 900 (it’s 90k unscaled right)

On another not i suck and can’t time the l shield slash into final justice so if anyone wants to do that and post the damage that would be great :slight_smile:

I see someone else basically did the second combo


I have a pretty nice capture card. letme try to get these done tonight.


Awesome thx, the second one is the same timing as mission 10 except you do l charging star relaunch instead of jHS l shield slash for relaunch
best thing i could come up with in the corner tho.


Day 3 combo. . . . .


Love it - working on one like that myself haha the relaunch is nice - i want as much s h cs and ss as possible in a combo for max damage


Good lord! >_< Ken what the Gimpy…cmon… omg Cap is gonna get nerfed because of you guys.


CaptAmerica/RocketRaccoon/Sentinel…the foot soldier, the heavy artillery, the air raid (kinda, haha)


unfortunately, i don’t have video, but i got this combo to work. 1,033,000 damage, starts with 1 meter, builds 1.5 meters (so realistically, starts with .5 meters), works on standing sentinel and probably standing nemesis, opponent in corner.

j.S, rejump, j.A, j.B, j.C, j.S, land, S, sj.B, sj.B, sj.C, sj.d+C, sj.S, flying screen, call out Rocket Raccoon Pendulum, otg L Shield Slash, (wallbounce), S, sj.B, sj.B, sj.C, sj.d+C, sj.S, flying screen, land, call out Sentinel Drones, tiger knee (or jumping) L Shield Slash, dash forward a bit, L Charging Star, (drones begin to hit), L Charging Star, H Charging Star, wait, Hyper Charging Star (mash) xx Rock N Roll (mash)

i haven’t experimented with Mad Hopper instead of Rock N Roll yet, but i’m pretty sure raccoon can get some additional damage post Mad Hopper and break the 1.1 million mark, and maybe build another .5 meter. keep in mind, i’m not even doing cap’s best combos yet, so i’m betting even crazier shit is possible.


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