Adapter for 360 to PS3 Question

I recently came across this product

that converts your xbox controller to work on a ps3.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with something like this and if they could recommend buying it. I’d like to use for my xbox te to play on ps3, and I’d like my brother to be able to use it for his xbox controller in PS3 tourneys. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this and can help me decide. It’s only $39.99 and avoids the hardware work of a dual mod. Thanks everyone

*edit reading around more it sounds like these suck and lag a lot but I’d still like feedback. My bro would really like to use his 360 controller for ps3 tourneys, I’m ok stealing someone’s stick I guess

And XCM Adapter?

XCM electronics all suck, this adapter is no exception.
Your money is better spend on a dual-mod.