Adapter needed for sf anniversary nubytech stick!

hey guys, i recently purchased a 15th anniversary arcade stick for ps2/xbox. i assumed the cheapy adapter i had to use my wired ps controllers would work on my ps3 but apperently not. i know inpin amd pelican are good and was told to ask you guys… anyone help?? i have paypal. thanks in advance

Can you please open up your stick and take a picture of the pcb so I can determine whether it will work with an adapter? There are 2 versions of the pcb and only one works with an adapter.

BTW the inpin does not work with this stick.

So you tested and it doesn’t work or are you asking if the stick you purchased will work with your adapter?

Like Doublefanboy said, you will probably need to inspect the inside of your stick to see whether it’s compatible.

If it won’t work as it is, you can wire up your own ps controller that DOES work. I also sell pre-wired PS1 dualshocks with quick disconnects that fit the Nubytech (I believe they are standard .187 that Happ uses) if you are interested.

Yep. Unscrew the screws on the bottom and see if the circuit board is yellow or green. The yellow boards works well with converters while the green does not. Check out this thread for a list of converters that support the SFAC.

thanks, before i open, my zangief has no hair if that helps??

I don’t think we made a definitely correlation between those yet. Just take two minutes and crack that baby open. You won’t hurt anything.

ok… 10 mins

i beleive its the yellow one, its light green?? so i assume its the yellow one where the board is inline with the mic port

i guess im gonna have to go with the tac adapter as this one seems the easiest to find? or does any1 have another that works, is the yellow pcb a bit greeny?? coz the green one looks like blanka green and my one is a dull yellowy green, is this the yellow one??

Yes, I guess you have the same version as me then. Go for the TAC adapter.

The PCBs used for those SF anniversary sticks were always flakey. They could only be depended on to work for X-Box & PS2 and most would NOT work on Pc through an adapter. Even then some would have issues with normal console use.

The only way to fix this is to do what i did and install a pre-hacked PSX PCB. Also while your at it you might as well replace all those nuby controls and put in some quality Happ IL parts too.

Yup much like the X-Arcade line, particularly the X-arcade solo, the only thing good about the SF anniversary stick is its GREAT casing. Everything else needs to be replaced to have a REAL stick up to standard.

I’ve done all of the above to a SFA 15th stick i once had, so feel free to PM me for advice if your looking to mod.

And really, Arcade sticks are SIMPLE tech. Its just a Hollow wooden or plastic box with controls mounted on top and a PCB circuit board inside w/cord leading outside to connect.

Don’t give the guy false hope, he has a yellow pcb in his stick that works fine with adapters and have been tested to work by some people including me. Like I said go get the tac adapter from because its easier to refund incase it doesn’t work.

thanx for the replies guys, i will try the adapter first double, and if that dont work then true grave i shall definetley be asking for your expertise, i’m sure it cant be that hard to mod as you say, i ust need to practice soldering, and im upgrading from a crappy hori fs3 so im sure for the meantime the nuby controls will be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers guys

i read the thread here and needed to make sure, i crack open mine and the PCB board is green. so does that mean i have no way to use it on my ps3? i’m out of luck, huh?

Someone posted this yesterday, I hope you find it interesting…

Sweet!! oh man, i been searching the internet for answer to this…and these were the most recent post. thanks a bunch! i can finally put that stick to use again.

sorry if i didn’t pick up the answer that already asked.