Adapter on pc

I downloaded a driver so i could use my ps3 controller on my pc a while back but when i use my real adapter with a ps1 controller with my pc now it recognizes it as a Playstation®3 controller instead of a PC Twin shock(which is what it showed on my other pcs) I tried to get rid of everything with the ps3 controller driver that i could find but it still thinks its a playstaion 3 controller any ideas on how to fix this?

maybe try disabling it in device manager?

Hmm im not sure what it would be named

REAL adapter turns it into a PS3 controller which also work on on PCs with no lag. You’re fine dude. My HRAP2 w/ Pelican is also recognized as a PS3 controller and works perfectly.

oh but when i press buttons with my ps1 dual shock controller in the controller options the buttons dont light up and the x and y axis dont move any ideas? (works perfectly on all my other computers including my vista laptop)

  1. remove the device from the usb port
  2. uninstall the device/remove the configuration shit and drivers
  3. download PS3 drivers
  4. plug in your controller
  5. enjoy

sometimes windows will fuck up if you plug in something and then install the drivers.

The ps3 driver is a bitch. First plug your Twin shock in then plug the ps3 controller, then go to the driver you’re supposed to open and open it. Then it should recognize normally. Everytime I plug the PS3 controller in I have to reinstall the driver…