Adapter to HDMI


Hello. I’ve heard about adapter like this which allows one to connect old consoles to an HDTV via HDMI port. I have an old game console and HDMI plazma panel. I want to hook up my console to HDMI. Can i use this device for HDMI port?


What game consoles you have that does VGA?


Sorry, it is wrong link. I mean composite


Get a Framemeister Xrgb mini and scart cables


composite video is terrible, horrible format for upscalling.
its a ugly compressed format filled with visual artifacts and flaws.

What you want to look into is RGB video
C-sword got the idea.

You want to check out My Life in Gaming on Youtube
Check out their RGB Master Class series

Sites to cehck out include, especially their RGB Guide

There ton of other resources available but I start with those two



None of those are going to work for game consoles.