Adapters and Input Latency


I’m planning a set of four sticks. They’re going to be highly multipurpose, but Street Fighter-style fighters is the primary plan.

  • I want these sticks to work with:
    • PC
    • PS2
    • PS3
    • Wii (via gamecube interface or via wireless, either works)
    • DC
    • XBox/360 would be nice.

I want to do this with a minimal number of boards per stick, because that gets hella expensive! As an electronics geek, I know the following:

  • Anything adapts to PC without a lot of difficulty.
  • PS3 and PC tend to get along well.
  • PS2 adapts to PS3 and PC without trouble.
  • PS2 adapts to Gamecube, but I don’t know if it’s a dumb adapter or a powered one; this may cause some input lag that I’m not comfortable with.
  • PS2 adapts to Xbox via dumb adapter

I don’t have any data on PS2 to Dreamcast, but it looks like a PS2 controller board is the easiest way to go. The nice thing is, PS2 controllers are reknowned for their amazing lack of input latency. :lovin: I do need data on input latency for the adapters, however - if anyone’s used them, fill me in.