Hi everyone. I have been looking everywhere for adapters. Unfortunately, I have been lucked out as all the local modders are booked throughout the holidays. My question is this: Will there be ANY PS3 to 360 adapters over at Evo that can be used??? I feel kinda screwed. I know they announced the game was going to be the PS3 version for Evo, but everyone i know plays on 360 [except LPN]… SOOO… if anyone would let a brother borrow one, that would be great [OR if I can borrow their PS3 fightstick [HAS to be modded with some switched out buttons… American or Japanese Sanwa, Stick can be the same, but has to have the fix implemented]. Thanks.

There are no ps3 -> 360 or vice versa adapters that are good. I’m pretty sure if you read around a bit you would know this.

agree, you need to get another one, I will be in the BYOC section you might be able to borrow.