Adapting to FightStick from pad

My whole life I played on arcades, but for the last 4 years I’ve played on videogames only. My gf, bless her, gave me a MadCatz Pro Fightstick for christmas so I’ve been playing with it almost non-stop for 24 hours now.

It’s great, the accessibility of the buttons put Focus attacks and FADC’s right into my game with little effort, but I’m having some dificulty adapting the hand positions during the fight. As you change sides, or charge up , etc, your hand needs to move on the stick and I’m having some troubles. Result is that I’ve lost the majority of fights that I fought today.

How was that transition for you? Did you struggle for a bit? I’m surprised actually. Will it get better?

The same exact thing happened to me. I started playing on stick at the arcades but then home consoles were getting ports in the mid 90s so i got used to my saturn pad. Thr best advice I can give you is never got back no matter how frustrating it could get. Now i could never go back to playing on a pad. It will get better and become 2nd nature.

Sleep is important when you are learning new motor skills. Your brain strengthens the new connections you make, so after a night of practice (and possible roadblocks), you will often feel more control the next day!

It was tough for me staying motivated to train stick because I fought with controllers for two years. I think both are viable but some characters have techniques that are harder on controller (like plinking medium attacks)

I won my first stick thanks to my high school’s black history quizbowl, got it home, and was complete and utter ass. It only took me a week or so to get it down, do it’s not that long. Best advice here is to just not quit.

Give it a month at least.

It definitely gets better. I remember when I got my SE Stick for Christmas last year. I had been using a FightPad before that, but I wanted to make the switch to an arcade stick. Needless to say, I felt…nerfed. I couldn’t do the simplest confirms in AE and I couldn’t find a good grip on the joystick. Took me a week or two, but I eventually got the hang of it. Lot of frustration at first, but yeah, like someone said above me, just keep at it.

I honestly can’t go back to pad now.

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just take your time. Slow down and take it easy. whatever you do, DO NOT switch back to pad while in that adapt phase. it’ll only mess with you

I switched back and forth for quite a long time, and I don’t feel like I lost my training with one because I was using the other. I mean, of course the first few minutes sometimes feels weird after a switch, but then you pick up where you left off in my experience.

Day 2 of pad and my Dan has never been stronger. Elements of the game which I’d never been able to use, are now coming in at lightspeed. I managed to get some characters up to 9000 BP without ever using focus attacks or FADCs. So while some elements of my game grew ( timing, reading, reaction time), other tactics were completely ignored.

I am a huge Dan fan so imagine my chagrin when I realized that his game is built upon dashes, focus attacks and dankus… it was a failure.

Since I got this pad all I’ve done is play Dan non stop and I’m picking it up incredibly fast, there are still times when it’s rocky to use the stick but it’s coming…

I love it, and thanks for all the input

It took me a month to be comfortable with the stick. However, after a year and a half, I still have some stuff that feel a little bit uncomfortable than the rest.

For example, I still find QCF (from p1 position) awkward, compared to QCB (from p1 position still), it just doesn’t feel natural, even though I can pull out every move consistently, if I pay attention to my movement I can tell it’s not as natural as the other. SRKs are fine, but HCF and HCB have the same trend as QCs.

even after a year of hardcore mindless playing and training you will notice you have NOT mastered the stick !

The square gate sucks… Im looking into an octagonal one

square gate the best

Use the Wineglass (or Daigo) grip. It is the best and most efficient grip. It allows you to execute from both sides of the stick equally and that is a common problem in people who are new to playing on stick. The general consensus on SRK is that it’s personal preference but coming from a table tennis background, it’s really not.

Any grip that a beginner uses feels awkward at first, and then they get comfortable with it. Get comfortable using an **efficient **grip instead of a sloppy one that restricts your movement. Using this grip not only will help you learning how to play on the stick but in the future as well because you’ll be able to pull off double qcf’s on the 1P side easily (just like how the 2P side double qcf’s are harder on pad). FYI: the reason why playing on the 2P side feels easier on stick is because you use your thumb and index finger primarily on the 2P side, and use your wrist primarily on the 1P side (movement in the actual hand instead of just using your fingers).

I just got my stick today and I can already do SRK’s and most motions consistently so Im glad that didn’t take me too long. The one thing I have issues with as mentioned I think is going from punches to kicks (so moving your 3 fingers from up to down) since im not used to that on the pad.

Pretty much finger positioning, but I hope that’ll come pretty quick with muscle memory and playing over and over. Things like Focus attack and throw also feel kinda akward still.

Also wowwww combos are easy as hell by plinking on the stick lol. Im aware you can do something similar on the pad but its less free. Im using a semi Wineglass grip as mentioned above. It feels good

I am having such a hard time, I have never used a stick before and dished out over $200 to get a nice TE stick. I’ve been using the controllers on any system my whole life and every time I try to get better on the stick, I will revert back to the ps3 pad because it makes me feel better that I can do combos. I can’t seem to get it down on the stick and it is frustrating as well.

When I first transitioned from pad to stick it was hell. It felt so awkward being able to do my combos on one side of the screen and not being able to even fight correctly when on the other. In fact, it still happens to me sometimes. The biggest issue I had to deal with though was my own salt. I would lose to so many people (and I still do) because of my unfamiliarity with a stick, so I’d switch back to a pad. Then back to the stick when things went smoother, and then back to the pad again and so on and so forth.

It’s just like driving. It seems like a challenge at first, but as you do it it becomes second nature and you start to wonder what even made it seem so difficult in the first place.

I grew up playing in the arcades on Happ Bat Top sticks, like many who played SF in American arcades. We had to switch between SNES pads and those bat top style sticks on the machines whenever we went from home to arcade. I remember trying to adjust to PlayStation (1) controllers for the first time. Eventually, I caught the news that ST HD Remix was being made and got really excited. I had a 15TH Anniversary stick, also HAPP bat top style, for PS2 … Well, it wasn’t compatible with my new PS3! Eventually, after playing HD Remix on the PS3 controllers, and immediately after SFIV dropped, I bought a TE Fightstick I have to admit, at first I hated how the smaller ball top Sanwa stick felt. Yet, I kept reading everywhere that the tournie guys all preferred Sanwa sticks and then learned that it was also industry standard in Japanese arcades. Besides, I had just dropped like $180 on this damn stick, lmao. I can honestly say, that after four years of playing on my TE/Sanwa stick, I would never go back to either pad or HAPP bat top style sticks again. Stick with it. Eventually you will adjust, it will feel second nature. I agree that a wine glass grip is more efficient, btw. Have fun with it, it will always feel more authentic to play on a stick. :slight_smile: