Add digital sticks to the LAS/RAS headers on the Brook Wireless board?

The Brook Wireless PS4 board has 2 sets of 4-pin leads to attach two physical analog sticks. While this is pretty awesome for something like an analog Smash Bros. stick, I was thinking about using it to adapt a set of Virtual-On twin sticks for a PC or PS4 controller.

PS4 has the Virtual-On collection 'n that anime game, and PC has Virtual-On via Yakuza Kiwami 2 and you could also use it on Xbox via either streaming to PC or getting a PS4/Xbox One controller adapter.

Now, the thing is, Twin Sticks are going to present themselves, cable-wise, as regular joysticks with a pair of extra button leads for the trigger/boost buttons. Unfortunately, the Brook leads are 100% expecting potentiometers. While I’ve found guides to use analog sticks on digital inputs, digital sticks on analog inputs seem a bit trickier.

The biggest solution I’ve found amounted to using digital potentiometers and an arduino board. I do have both, but that does add basically 1-3 chips to the brook board (assuming either a 4-channel or a pair of 2-channel digital pots), and I’m not 100% sure that’s a good idea from a power basis. I wouldn’t even know where the plug the arduino (nano?) to the brook and whether it would run the risk of overdraw. I had a lot of trouble with keeping the brook on battery power while a Kaimana LED board was hooked up to it, but to be fair, that thing’s drawing way more than an Aruduino and 2 digital pots are pulling down.

So I guess the big question is, am I treading new ground, or is this something that’s been done and documented before? It would be nice if I could either convert my VCD-18-C controller into one that’s wireless capable, or even mod some new life into an old Dreamcast twin stick.