Add/Fight me on XBL please/thanks


thisstorm1017 is the username

add me to your friends list and lets get some games in. tired of playing level 50 tyfraud lucas’ sean or w/e

I’m Manitoba, Canada… pretty sure I can ping decently as far as California but who knows


thanks for the additions guys

real good fights so far but still haven’t lost even a round, where’s all the comp at? add me



I’ll add you as soon as I get a new controller or stick.


Lenin add me!!!


I play on xbox. Loan me your ps3 and play from your ps4.


Sounds good, the talent pool on XBL is really low end I have found

best guy I’ve seen yet is vinnykun and he really, really lags so it’s impossible to even play properly

I can’t be the best threes player I can be without good people pushing me to dig deeper

so give me your challenges, friends


There are actually a lot of strong players (comparatively speaking, of course) on XBL. A lot are only on sparsely, but some are on pretty frequently and play mostly with each other in private lobbies to filter out the fodder.

I’ll send you a friend request, my GT is o KD Alpha o, always looking for strong people to play with. Hopefully the connection isn’t too bad.


Anybody play 3rd Strike in Manitoba?


I thought you were in Toronto? Rob Ford probably plays 3rd Strike. Or he’d just hang out with Dander.


I’m in Toronto but I was asking if thisstorm has anybody to play offline with.


Maybe the beiber wants to play you or even Drake…lol


Hey thisstorm, where you go? I added you but don’t know if you accepted. I’m not great but I’ll give you a run for your moneez