Add Me!!!


Sorry if this the wrong area to post this thread, but I am desperately seeking players to play. Casually, competitively, improving skill, having fun, lets keep the party rolling! GT: AfL Isle.


If you want to play competitively, add “BLUE STINGER 20”

He’s a very strong player. He just beat a clan leader OSKI H



I gotcha mang. Finding people to play this with can be/is hard, even when you ask on here. People just seem to ignore a person.

I mostly just play for fun, but at the same time i’m still trying to improve and win though :nunchuck: hahah, I didn’t step in the ring to lose. But losing don’t matter much to me either.


No he’s not oski doesn’t even look like he knows the matchup, RockyShitballRose.


The rule is, any one who is a self-claimed god of something is usually not that good.


I played you for ages yesterday and you didnt send me a friend request, i would’ve made some room.