Add me.

I got a 360. :woot: Pad warrior style.

Somehow I’m at 99 friends right now and I wish I could pay at least extra to up my friends limit. =P

It’s fun though. :smile:

I just got one too. Not going to be playing SF on it till I get a stick, though. :slight_smile:

I’ll add you tommorow when I set my X-Box back up to live. :slight_smile: Didn’t know that was you.

I don’t have a 360, but maybe I’ll think of an xbox live gamertag right now so I’ll have one ready.

I see that airthrow and airdash are already taken… airblock it is. I think that would be a fitting choice for me in HDRemix.

But Grant! What if you were to play other games besides HDRemix?

I will murder you. But good point. I wonder if ‘whiffsuper’ is taken.

Or maybe Shenanigrant.

EDIT! Hey what the fuck! What happened to all my hard-earned rep? I used to be striving for the best. :frowning:

ill add you next time im on

I doubt whiff super or shenanigrant are taken. There’s not that many normal names without x or numbers taken, actually. I was surprised.

Actually, turns out I’m probably returning my 360. I can’t afford to be spending this much money right now. I’m not even sure I dig HDR. There’s something gross about it. Anyway, it’s not finalized, but probable. Trying to make some changes in my life, and spending money on Live is even easier/worse than a credit card. And they do it on purpose with the ‘points’ bullshit. It’s way easier to spend “points” than it would be to see it in dollar signs.

You got a 360 when a shit ton of new and good games came out.

So true. I can’t tell you how many avatars I have bought but then to never use them…ever. :sad:

So I don’t think I’m getting rid of the xbox but I definitely don’t like remix. I almost wanna delete the game just so I don’t play it anymore because it just pisses me off. Fucking easy mode ST with flash graphics.

Castle Crashers!

Get at me if anyone wants to play this game online.

You can just get a 360, play it for a month, and return it? No penalties?

Holy shit, you are fuckin like, on point right now with your assessment of Remix. Wowzors. If I could’ve, you woulda got repped for that post. Good thing you aren’t getting rid of your XBox cause you wouldn’t be able to get anymore random messages from me.


A month? I’ve had it for like a week, maybe two by now. I could’ve probably gotten store credit or somethin.

Well, if you really run low of funds, I’ll give you $20 for it. Know that it’s $10 more than what I offered dann for his 360. Because I respect you as a person.

Hell, I’ll give you $40. Do I hear fifty?

This thread is now for bidding on your possessions.

i can do $41

semi on topic: everybody with a 360 should buy skate2 when it comes out on the 21st, it will be an incredible game

OK. Okay. $39? Got to stand out from the crowd.