Add skin of characters


hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and if this is the wrong section, forgive me ^ ^
I wanted to know one thing, there are a lot of skins that I would apply to the characters, but you can add new costumes without replacing the colors of the characters? In short, I would like to have both, all the colors of each of the characters and more new skin, thanks



You can replace the costumes without having to actually overwrite them, but you still have to put the skins in place of the official costumes.

i.e. in layman’s terms, the game won’t pull up a “Costume #7” because there is no 7th costume, but the game will pull up a “Costume #2”, official or modded (as long as it carries the filename “Costume #2”).

That was my understanding anyway. Maybe someone else can come in and clarify.

The thread you were looking for is here:


ok, then I will replace the colors that I like less, thanks


someone could give me a hand to replace the colors of the characters with others? even with the guides I could not, I pray you do not know who to ask