Add the phrase "Its Mahvel Baby" to the game's intro

I’ve been thinking about this for the last week, and this would be a great idea.
I know it may sound silly, but it is something that would buy Capcom a shitload of credibility.

Back in 03 when I joined this site I felt like Capcom was losing all its credibility in the fighting game community after putting a game like CFE out (not sure when it came out).

CFE was a clear example of how Capcom didnt listen to the community at the time since we were given a rushed and kind of undeveloped game.
CFE wasnt a game worth of this community cause we actually like deep games.
We proved it in the Post SF4 Time (CvS2, MvC2 and 3s Time)

With the release of SF4, Capcom actually listened and made its homework.
They introduced a new system which wasnt probably as complex as other games, but it was a good street fighter game.
I know it didnt please everybody, but now with SSF4 they made the system even better.

This is an improved version of SF4, its a great game
Capcom is actually listening to us this time. Capcom has more credibility now.

If this phrase which this community made out of its hypeness is shown in the games intro,
this will show that capcom never really abandoned the community.
They just couldnt do shit cause of the licenses.
A lot of people dont know that.

Its just an idea that I think the community will really appreciate and capcom would be making even more money out of us

Only if they cut Yipes a check. Lord knows he needs it.

premium collectors edition comes with cotton candy blunt wraps

Feelings :blush:

who the fuck did capcom listen to? in terms of engine mechanics, sf4 is garbage. Sf4 either lets you get up fast or get up slow. Who’s fucking idea was that? why not multiple forms of getting up like in a2? come the fuck on :rofl:

it doesn’t even need to be like a2, just give me something more than get up fast or slow…

oh is it? they listened how the game was so retarded with ultra’s so they did something about them? or how scrubby auto correct DP is with a shortcut with a big reversal window?

their ears must be broke because the only people I see being listened to are whiny scrubs.

so you think a phrase will show players capcom cares about the community? are you fucking retarded? here is a phrase, oh yea our game is shit garbage by the way but we love so here is your phrase! how about a good fucking game to support the community?

capcom has already turned their back to the mvc2 crowd by meshing mvc3 with tvc. TvC has had multiple chances to become successful and it can’t because the game is ASS. Mvc2 was alive for 10 years off 1 incarnation of the game. So why would capcom make TvC a part of mvc3 if they’re listening to the community? no mvc2 player wants that, we’ve all shown our distaste for it. Even fanatiq’s 10 years about mvc2 post expressed how he doesn’t want any TvC elements in this game.

also you have the TvC producer claiming that complexity doesn’t make a game fun. What his gook fucking ass doesn’t understand is that is the reason games like mvc2\VS manage to be played forever. The depth of the games constantly allows them to evolve for well over a decade. Bland generic games usually die first because the engine isn’t complex enough and it gets stagnant really quick.

but you’re right, capcom is capcom again.

This thread just barely hangs on the “on-topic line” of life. What was this supposed to accomplish? lol

Just feels like this is a secret way to discuss SSFIV. XD

X2. Support Yipes, people.

additionally, each match should begins with the announcer saying, “Ready? Get Hype!!!”

tell him to email me…

something like this would own

This should be in the suggestion forum. Locked.