Add *THIS* move and 3s will be more strategic!


(why only chun gets this move? what were the creator @ capcom thinkin???)

Oro has one as well meh doesnt fuss me tbh :wonder:

Ibuki has one too. So the game is the most strategic when you use those 3 characters. Anyone else and the game is braindead. :rolleyes:


Nah, the game would be more strategic if Sean has a denjin hadou burst… it moves 5x slower than chuns ex kikouken, can’t be parried or blocked and kills you if it hits.

Also the bar is shorter than an ex move, so sean can whif 2 fierce punches and shoot another one while the first is on screen still.

Now that…is real depth. :tup:

god, that would be more broken than TOM HANKS

Okay… the trend of “strategy = mindless speculation” on this board is scaring me.

Adding in moves that don’t exist has no strategical value for anyone.

Why don’t we just get rid of all the graphics? Now that would be strategic.

Make 3rd Strike Turn Based!!!


Add fatalities!

Oro has an air grab too… and Hugo and Alex have them, but they’re different.

I think it’s good that they left air grabs out. I think it would interfere with the game too much. Landing grab techs are pretty annoying as it is… I can’t imagine how many grab techs would happen in the air if everyone could air grab.

Or we could just make Hugo the main character and have everybody be able to throw from any position and have throws do 50% dmg. The strategy of not getting thrown twice.

alex’s “air throw” is parriable >__> .

you can tech throw for god sake …
and EX-hurricane > air-throw

Sounds like Makoto. :wink:

Yeah, Makoto already employs that startegy. She’s a monster. :looney: