Added Recovery (Magic Series)

So is there a set amount of recovery added to normals after magic series? Obviously L,M,H is excessively punishable, but I’m looking to punish L,M strings.

I’m in the process of writing up a punishment list and would love to calculate the frames from magic series without having to go in game with every single character, just adding to the guide would be wonderful.

Please and thank you.

Extra 7 frames of recovery.

wow. is that true? 7 recovery frames added to every magic chain?

edit-appears true acording to the bible

The bible says usually 7 frames, but it can be as much as 10 added frames. Which tells me that it is not a set number.

The chaining system in this game isn’t the magic series.

The magic series allows light punch to light kick without linking.

This game does to if your character has chainable lights, and not all magic series in marvel allow light to light attack

Jab to Jab isn’t part of the magic series.

What’s the sequence for the Pedantic Series?

Im not talking about jab jab. Some characters can chain light kick to light punch while others cant

:eek: The confusion here is between some semantics and some game mechanics.

First off, the chain in SFxT is a maximum 4 step minimum 2 step chain consisting of :l: to :m: to :h: to launcher with any step using either punch or kick of the appropriate strength.

:lp: to :lp: or any one button chaining to itself is known as rapid-fire canceling and is not part of the chain denoted above and, as such, isn’t penalized in the same fashion. Please note that some rapid fire attacks chain to other attacks (e.g.; Poison’s c.:lp: to c.:lk:).

What it’s called kinda doesn’t matter since this is the only chain the game uses. At the same time, calling it the wrong thing can confuse people. Just call it the chain since it’s the only one we’re dealing with right now.

If it’s 7 more frames of recovery does that mean it’s -7 more than it usually is ?