Adding 2 buttons to a Dreamcast pad

Now we can all probably agree that the SEGA Dreamcast is one of, if not THE best console for fighting games. I’m currently doing a mod to my Dreamcast Pad to make it look and function like another device, but while I was at it, I thought I’d add two more buttons to it so that I can properly play fighting games should I not have a stick handy. Now this wouldn’t be such a big problem, other than the location. See, there’s not enough room to make two more buttons above the current face buttons, so Ideally they would be under the two face buttons. But if these buttons are going to have a street fighter/ SEGA Saturn layout, then I would have to somehow move the current 4 buttons down, and have the Y and B buttons be where the Z and C buttons are. Are you following me? I know a lot of third party Dreamcast controllers have them on there, and I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for this mod?

You are better off buying a total control 3, A Saturn -->Dreamcast adaptor.

Hunt down one of the third party pads that has the C and Z buttons. You won’t be able to add them to a pad that didn’t have them to begin with. You could wire tactile switches to activate L and R if you really wanted to, but if its a first party pad, you will still have the trigger lag problems.

Or get an ASCII FT Pad.