Adding a PS1 PCB to a HRAP EX SE-Help needed!

I’ve got experience with pad hacks and i"ve done a dual mod before on a HRAP 2 but that was years ago, I have no experience with the PCB in this stick, what would be really helpful is a diagram, or at least show me which solder points are the Ground and Power. Also. how can I tell which of the wires that goes to each button/stick switch is the Signal and which is the Ground. Like i said a diagramed picture of the PCB would be really helpful but I couldn’t find one on the net.

Also if someone wants to give me some overall advice for doing this mod that would be great as well, like I said, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these haha. I already have a hacked PS1 pad all wired up, please help! I just bought a PS2 again and I wanna play all the Shmups and fighting games this excellent system has to offer. Long live the PS2! One game that I just picked up thats really captured my imagination is VF4 Evo. Such a great 1 player game.

P.S. I’ve been a member for years but when I went to log in today there was no record of my screenname, so I had to re-register, it even let me pick my old handle, weird.

They did a name purge when they upgraded.

I believe that the HRAP EX-SE is not common ground. I’m not sure you have to double check. If so it means that you cannot do a dual mod to that pcb. It is easier to replace the Hori PCB with a Madcatz 360 Fightpad PCB and dual mod it to a ps1 controller.

In this thread, which you should always try to dig through first:

You will find this thread, Dual modding 101:

cross reference with diagrams on slagcoin.

Not Common Ground HORI PCB.
Replace with another for Dual Mod.