Adding ARMORED CORE to the Evo's game line up!

Hey fellow fighters,

I host one of the biggest ARMORED CORE (AC) tournaments in Souther Cali and I would like to form a partnership with the organizers of Evo2K in order to be able to host my National AC tourmament (sponsored by my website [](, and currently working with a partnership with the Armored Core's publisher [Agetec](

About Armored Core (AC), AC is the best action mech fighting game series for Sony’s PS2 with a large cult following all over the United States and aboard. You can find more info on this game at my website or the official website at

About the AC Tournament: Hosted and organized by myself and other fellow mech fighters, AC Tournament attracks over 80 players from all over the states and abroad including Japan and Korea. More info here:

Please contact me asap about this matter, I would like to help in every way possible so that the Armored Core Tournament can be hosted along with such great tournament as Evo.

I have gone out of my way and I have purchased (under construction) which I will be using to advertise the AC Tournament along with the Evo2K’s other tournaments.

Thank you for your time I await for your response patiently.

EJRaven out.

I’m not into the AC scene as much as I used to be, but I’m fairly positive that there’s really no chance of adding AC to the Evo lineup. SFA3 and even SSBM would probably get at least 3 times the turnout of an AC event, but A3 is scrapped and SSBM still isn’t confirmed (along with people questioning its legitimacy as a fighting game. AC is even further away on the fighting game spectrum than SSBM). Besides, how can you expect people to show for Master of Cali (the premiere AC tourney) one week after Evolution?

Honestly I think your best bet is to hold an unofficial tourney in the 2nd room, just like they’re trying to do for KOF. I’ll even bring my AC’s if you do.

I’d love to be a part of an AC tourney that’s on the scale of Evo, but getting it on the main lineup just isn’t gonna happen. Not right now anyway.

It would be interesting to see as a small side event. I know 1 or 2 people that might be interested.

oh my fuckign god
i was already planning for AC in casual, but yeah, sounds cool
and Ill be bringing Nexus to Evo, unless the US version will be out by then.


GalzPanic, Greed, HellSap get your memorycards ready!
I’m bringing the Masters of California’s crew with me and a few other ravens to the 2nd room!

Even if I can’t hold an official ARMORED CORE tournament I’m very glad to be able to hold an unofficial one, I will start start organizing it, but I really need to know who do I need to contact in order to reserve at least some of that 2nd room’s space so that the ARMORED CORE tournament can run smoothly. I wouldn’t want to be moving all my equipment from one place to another if I’m using someone’s else space.

Nonetheless I will start advertising this unofficial tournament to the ARMORED CORE community.

Hopefully one day ARMORED CORE can be added to the line up, in the meantime I’m very satisfied with just been able to hold this unofficial tournament.

Please post the name of the person I need to talk to in order to get the admin part of the unofficial AC tournament going.
Thanks in advanced.


Wow if this goes through I’ll have to get my buddy to come down and beast on this :). I’ll bring my CORE just incase this does go through well. See you guys then.


I’ll play. I have only ever played against hellsap but I can beat him pretty regularly. Soooooo… I will make sure to pack my memory card


Ok I still need to talk to whoever is in charge of the facilities to see if there is no problem with me using the facilities for a tournament. Help please!!!

Also wanted to ask which AC is it going to be? Silent Line? That way I know which game to some what prep my CORE up for. Alright see you around. Later.


Silent Line

It will be on Silent Line.

You guys do realize that in order for any players to enter the AC tournament, they’ll first have to pay the $20 Evo registration fee in addition to whatever entry fee the game has, right? I’m just saying since many AC players might not be playing anything at Evo but AC.

No way!

There is no way this is possible, I’m sure AC Tournament attendees will be able to get in for free and for the AC Tournament only.

No way!

As Much as I’ve wanted to see armored core, yeah it’s true. That would be like giving away a free venue if it wasn’t $20. Everyone who plays anything in the BYOC area has to pay $20.