Adding audio to the CVS287 SCART to Component converter

This is a lame tutorial but that’s okay. It’s the pictures that matter. The CVS287 doesn’t output audio by default. You can use a SCART splitter or a breakout box to tap it. If you prefer to do neither and have some basic soldering skills then this is an easy job.

Take a pair of RCA cables and strip them. Separate the insulated wire from the bare/ground wire. Twist the ground wire together like this. Strip the insulated wire and tin it.

Crack open the converter and tin these three points (white, ground, red).

Now solder to them accordingly.

Dremel a little nook and run the cables out of the shell.

All done. Huzzah.

All credit to these two threads. The first explains this well but I’m super visual and couldn’t tell which pins he was soldering to.