Adding Dual-Gen PCBs to Dual-Gen Sticks?

Scenario 1: Hori V4/5/Kai PS4-PS3 toggle switch + dualmod with PDP MKX xbone/360. Where/how would I solder the PDP to the toggle on the V4 Kai? I don’t care if it ends up PS4+x360 / PS3+xbone for whatever reason. I just want to use the built-in toggle from the Hori stick. Would this be any different on a VLX for that matter?

Scenario 2: I want to padhack/dual Hori FC4 + PDP MKX, same-ish thing, but swap out PCB from a Madcatz VS. Ideally, I would like to add the Gen toggle to the LS/RS.

Both setups will use Toodles’ IMP v2. I’m assuming solder high+high/low+low together. Is there anything else I’d have to worry about (adding a transistor, etc)? And for the VS, would I go H+H -> LS …for example?


Scenario 1: use a Double pole double throw switch or a V2 Imp
Scenario 2: You don’t really need LS/RS, I can only think a few cases where you need LS (none are fighting games) and I can’t think of anything for RS.

For both Set ups for the Toodles v2 Imp refer to the PDF, don’t worry about High and Low anything

I think I should’ve been more specific. I want to keep and use the features of the given sticks for their intended purpose of generation switching.

S1: V4/V5/VLX all have the PS4/PS3 toggle switches for current/last Gen. I want to add a PDP MKX fightpad (xbone/x360) with an IMP, and use that specific PS4/PS3 switch on the V4/VLX. I’m hoping to avoid some SPDT switch for the PDP side of things, and so that I don’t need to have some case mod in the process.

S2: I want to use the LS/DP/RS of the VS as the generation toggle (LS = PS4/xbone, RS = ps3/x360, or whatever combination it turns out to be). I know that once I take out the PCB of the VS, I “give up” the intended use of the LS/DP/RS on the control panel. So once again, I’d like to avoid some SPDT external switch if I can use something already available with extra soldering.

Scenario 1: Should be pretty straightforward assuming both PCBs use a “high = console A” and “low = console B” connection on that switch. What will become problematic is if one of the two behaves like the above, the other is “connection to sub-circuit A = console A” and “connection to sub-circuit B = console B”. You’ll have to do some probing to make sure.

Scenario 2: Definitely doable, though you may need to cut some traces on the stock sub-PCB.