Adding fans to custom fight stick case?

I over-estimated the measurements for my case, so I got a lot wrist room and thought of adding some PC-Case fans i have lying around. Any thoughts into how to do it?

I know its a little bit more complicated then have some wires, switch, power cell (usb power), and the fan. So I hope anyone with electrical experiences would shine some light on this idea.

FYI: my case is wireless (AxisAdapter), I don’t intend to use the same cable to power my battery to power the fans, if you were concerned.


eh? your putting ventilation ?

yes sir or ma’am! =D

So are these fans to dry your hands off or something? Like in bowling?

That’s the Idea. =)

Sounds like those PC mice that have built in fans blowing air into your palm for “ultimate gaming”.

It doesn’t sound that complicated but I think you’ll first need to find out what voltage those fans run on.

inspiration came from laptop fans, Logitech chill stream (ps3) =P

DC 12V

I am only amateur when it comes to electrical stuff, but i can follow instructions and a quick learning when it comes to things like these.

Wait, I think there’s enough space in the centre for a cup holder too.

The good: say no to sweaty palms!
The bad: things will get inside the stick. Plan to take it apart so often?
The awesome: Can’t hear your opponents crying over the sound of those B17 engines!

How to do it: don’t do it. Why would you do that? T_T

Just a heads up, case fans respond well to undervolting. A lot of people, myself included, run fans on 5/7V to get them to run at lower speeds.

Not a bad idea… =P I’ll put that into consideration… not

Get a usb cable and cut the head off one end then cook up the black/red wires to the appropriate ones in the fan with a switch in between so you can turn it on and off (do at your own risk…I’m also new to this).

Yeah, the only risk i am worried about is it short circuit and frying something in this case my ps3, if was to use that method.

Test it on a PC? I thought USB only gives power in one direction and is regulated by the device (PC) and if the peripheral asks for more then it should its rejected by the host device (once again…at own risk :sweat:)

What kind of power connector does the fan have? You can’t always rely on the color of the wires when it comes to fans…

Here’s the pinout for a standard 3 pin fan header:

and if it’s standard molex:

my local toystore has the ps3 chillstream controller on sale for like 15/20 euros orso… cheap board for a custom board with a fan :wink: