Adding Led Lights on Arcade stick?


How do I go about adding LED Lights? Specifically a orange lights. I have these

Also can I still silence them and have the lights?


I recommend the Kaimana from Paradise Arcade Shop and the Kaimana J LEDs since they snap onto the bottom of the sanwa obsc-30s. Its also a relatively easy kit to install. The Kaimana Js are known to be a little loose but most people recommend a dab of hot glue to keep them in place. There is a thread in tech talk for the Kaimana, go check it out!

EDIT: My apologies, the Kaimana Js do not fit the seimitsu PS-14-Ks. They have another LED though that works with the Kaimana via an adapter that does fit them. Check out


Please use the stickies. You can explore what you can do from there.

That being said you can just get your own orange LED’s and a resistor and save the money from RGB LED’s and a controller if you just want a simple light on press circuit.
This thread can explain what you need/what you need to do


A comment about this statement: while the Kaimana J is meant to sit underneath the button, it does not truly mount upon a sanwa sw-68 and only mounts somewhat on PS-14-D microswitches where even then they are still loose. Thus the PS-14-K buttons ARE supported (I would know, I tested them during the pre-launch phase). Only seimitsu switches in PS-14-G/KN are not supported

First a few things you must consider:

  • since you are using a smoke button it is good to note that any LED will have its color and brightness diminished by the color of the button, so even though you may have an orange LED it may not appear a similar color. Thus you could either use a white button and orange LED for more pure color or an orange button with white LED that will give a somewhat washed out color.

-yes, you CAN have silence with your LEDs. @Moonchildes little kahuna is a silencer sold by Paradise arcade that works better than standard silencers used for sanwa buttons. These don’t sit on the bottom of the plunger since there is minimal contact between the plunger and rim of the PS-14-K button series.

-Button choice affects the way an LED can mount. PS-14-Ks are limited to the ArcEye series (2 requiring a tad bit of modification), the Kaimana Js, peles, and standard 3mm monochrome LEDs. Each has their perks and different mounting styles but you need to consider one more thing…

-What effects you want your lights to do, how bright they are, animations, etc are all determined by your LED PCB Driver. Should you choose monochrome LEDs then I would recommend the FGW LED Board by toodles (soldering required). Should you opt for a solderless (and more pricey) solution then there is currently the Kaimana, Sparky PWM (through Paradise arcade), and the Remora currently in stock. These are RGB LED controllers and are vastly more expensive yet have a larger variety of effects.

With all this being said you have many options, but they all vary in difficulty and price, where both are inversely related.


thank you for correcting me, I completely missed that…


Just wrapped this up tonight… has the smoke buttons on the first 6… you can see the difference… It still looks good, just a little subdued and not as "LOOK AT TEH LITES111!!ONEONE!! Clean install with the Kaimanas too, even if you are just doing basic install.


@ed1371 that looks really good! I can’t wait for my Kaimana stuff to show up :confused: it’s been like 2 weeks since I ordered them…