Adding resistance to joystick?

Hey everyone!

I’m kinda new to the whole modding scene and I was wondering what people do to add resistance to a Madcatz TE stick to feel more like an american cabinet. The joystick feels a bit too loose and flimsy to me. Anyone got ideas to fix this? Thanks!

This is what you want. It will magically fix your JLF. Resist the temptation of the octo gate (or don’t). It sucks.

buy a few of em cuz theyre cheap. then experiment

You might want to experiment with this.
Be sure to turn the blue gate 2 clicks.

You might want to get a backup GT-Y gate incase you snap the spring clips on your default, or don’t like the circle.

Ummm. Get a LS-33. LS-55s are bit too hard tension for me. LS-33 is the perfect light-medium tension

Just order an LS-33 & LS-55 spring & try both to see which is best for you.
This video might help too:

Good luck! :smiley:

The video by eperelez is a perfect demonstration on how the springs are installed onto the JLF sticks. And it states that LS-33 = Medium Tension, LS-55 = Hard Tension.

I once put a 32 and 55 spring both on the same JLF. It felt almost like a Happ in terms of tension.

Sure, get both. They’re definitely cheap. The 55 will bring it much closer to Happ. As for it being too hard, my five and seven year old nieces use them on my cab. :lol: