Adding transform D-pad to regular xbox360 controller?

I’ve noticed this transforming d-pad being sold on ebay:
I have a regular xbox 360 controller and its d-pad is horrible, as you probably know.
Do you know if it is possible and recommended to buy this d-pad and replace it with the d-pad on my controller?

This is a clone of the d-pad out of one of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller (theirs is silver).
MS had a limited edition controller with a transforming D-pad.

This looks like a clone of it, Knowing MS and wanting to spend as little money as possible, they only changed the d-pad.
Meaning the d-pad itself can be transplanted into another controller.

If MS can be transplanted in any MS XBox 360 controller I do not see why this from from ebay.

I don’t know if this would be recommended, but you can always change the controller back if this thing do not work.

I’ve modded my controller before, and yeah, the dimensions of the assembly looks very similar to the stock D-Pad piece - minus the rotating assembly, of course.

The description page for the link you provided says that you can “upgrade your existing controller”, so that should answer your first question. Is it recommended? I think I remember reading that it wasn’t too much of an improvement over the base D-Pad, but I guess any improvement over “crappy” is still an improvement. :slight_smile:

I am almost 100% certain that it does not fit the standard controllers.

I took one from a chrome controller to put into normal pink one, because pink, but the innards are different.

Xbox 360 Controller Transforming D-Pad Mod on Youtube
I wonder if I should do it…

I’ve never used a transforming pad.
Do you think after doing that mod it will be exactly the same as the original controller with the transforming pad?
Do you think the difference is worth the work and risk of damaging the controller?