Additional Moves for Characters:

Does anyone else feel that many characters could benefit from more “character specific” moves or options?
I feel there could be room to add some moves to characters and want to hear your opinions as well- if not as a future update in UMvC3, then in MvC4.

Off the top of my head:

~Benefit somehow from healing factor:

-wall cling option
-A use for Spider Sense: a move (via V.Joe) or a Super that slows time (via Ammy)

"I know your moves!!"
Edit: “I know your moves (mumbles) only if your Cap, Spidey, Hawkeye, or Black Knight!!!”
-Shades of old school Rogue, able to steal moves from opponent he is facing… He is the master of thousands of moves, yet only copies a hand full of characters?

~Super Skrull
-more use of invisible woman’s powers, the blocking bubble shield is it? Really?

Will add more later…these are just the few that came directly to me. Interested to see what others can add or come up with. Keep it true to character, use your imagination and have fun :slight_smile:

I actually love the idea of Spider Sense.
It should be like Vale of Mist.

That wouldn’t make “sense” cause all team members would benefit from it despite not having spidey sense and it would still be activated when spidey tags out.

I was kinda vague on what I want. Anyway, Spider Sense could be a Vale of Mist HC that only works when Spider-man is on the field. Spidey “spawns” while wall-clinging on the top corner of the screen (if being DHC’ed into) (making him virtually safe from everything). He has about 7 or 8 seconds of slow-time before the move ends.

Spider Sense sounds like a counter move to me.

Same. I always thought of as a dodge that leaves the opponent wide open for an attack if they swing at you. Maybe it could make them go slow motion for a second or two and they can’t cancel into anything except maybe X-factor, and then you have the opportunity to attack them however way you want.

Haggarcopter fly mode.

Guys, we have a move exactly like the Spider-Sense you are describing. How often do you see Wesker use it, again?

I do agree with the part about Taskmaster. If nothing else, he should be able to do a Shoryuken. Also…


[]Strange: Air Dash. Nothing major, maybe just give him Dante’s air dash properties or something.
]Ghost Rider: A GODDAMN OVERHEAD. Seriously, it would make him so much better if he got a full-screen overhead.
[]Iron Fist: DIVE KICK PLZ
]Frank: How about some more moves from Dead Rising? Lariat, Somersault Kick, Face Crusher as a command throw, and his wall-jump dive kick would be nice.
[]Nemesis: A level 5 where, on KO, he turns into his final form from his level 3. Think of a playable Galactus with more tentacles. Bingo.
]Akuma: Air-Ok Raging Demon
[*]Arthur: A dash.

give everyone a Teleport

Dr. Strange should have a float like Storm’s, I think it would be better than an air dash. They should somehow implement these iconic magical spells like Mists of Munnopor, Vapors of Valtorr, Winds of Watoomb (maybe like Storm’s Fair Wind/ Magneto’s Repulsion?), Shield of Seraphim (his blocking should be this shield!). Also PLEASE they should fix his “Astral Magic - Daggers of Denak!”. Those are the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!
Also if they give Strange an air dash they would nerf Impact Palm (otherwise we would have an infinite of fly IP air dash IP… because IP does not scale) destroying almost everything the community has discovered by far (flame loop included). Otherwise his air dash would be crappy slow, not able to cancel specials or in a way like Super-Skrull’s air dash.

Still waiting on Thor to throw his hammer.

I was also disappointed that Nova didn’t have a non-hyper beam move, but the pulses are pretty unique and cool.

Spidey should definitely have a spider sense of some kind. Like a counter super with a cooler cinematic than all the other counter supers.

Deadpool should have sword normals, or a command normal that uses his sword.

Jill should use her guns more. Same with Trish. Same with Rocky.

I personally think Shuma’s whole design should be reworked to something more super, super, “I eat entire universes in my down time” god like, instead of “I got tentacles, let’s play.”

I could make a whole list for the Marvel side of things, but even still I say that for the most part, they got everyone spot on.

This- Hahahaha. Very large over site.

nova beam could be :qcf::s:.

uses red health to boost speed and width of beam.

It seems like a lot of the characters are missing something or play differently than you think they would in comics but It’s fine in my opinion. I think each and every character is unique enough and have their basic powers and abilities for how many characters there are. The game that is coming to mind is Injustice when it comes to making each character feel like they are THAT character but then again Injustice is most likely going to have around HALF the characters as Marvel.

Why does Wesker need to use it?

What would Spider-Man possibly get out of a counter? He spends most of the match in the air, anyway.

Not so much a counter as an escape dodge. I don’t see spider sense as a counter… But what he could get out of it if it were a counter? Same thing any one else w/a counter can use it for… An oh shit button to Biooooneeeiiiicccccccckkk arrrrrrrmmmmaaaahhhhhaa and other melee supers of the sort, of course :slight_smile:

But he already has Crawler Assault, and even Maximum Spider to an extent, for that. If we make it a dodge, then we run into another issue:
How is anyone ever going to hit that smarmy little prick? If he’s not zipping around the screen, now he’s just going to dodge your attacks.

True to an extent on the first two points.

Second issue: two words- Viewtiful Joe :slight_smile:

Ironman,Spider-man,Jill,Amaterasu,Vergil(lolvergil), and maybe a few others should get more moves

(Meteor smash = Invisible Woman+The Thing powers)