Adjusting from SSF4 to MvC3: 3 specific categories of questions

  1. It seems that as compared to SSF4, the wakeup game is harder to take advantage of? how do you take advantage of knocking down the opponent in mvc3? Is the wakeup game still similar to SF4? i’ve put a spoiler below with sf4 options. [spoiler=] (options for aggressor, depending on the move used to knock down: meaty normal w/OS vs backdash, meaty throw, bait reversal/block, and for untechable knockdown there are more options, frontal safe jump, cross up, fake safe jump and block to bait shoryukens, or fake safe jump into low attack, and more for certain characters)

(options for character waking up: block, (invincible) reversal, (invincible) backdash, wakeup attack/jump, crouch tech)
Is MvC3 still similar in terms of the wakeup options in SF4? Do untechable knockdowns vs techable knockdowns exist in MVC3? dare I ask, how do you continue pressure after knocking the opponent down, or after doing an aerial combo on the opponent (this seems the hardest to continue pressure after, as it seems like characters are neutral after this?)?

  1. also, while defending a block string, i guess characters still can do invincible reversals? does backdash still have invulnerability frames? what is the best way to defend when the enemy is blockstringing you?

  2. in SF4, the most commonly punished moves were reversals like SRK, etc or missed ultras (like they messed up the combo). what are the most common punish opportunities in MvC3? it seems like if the enemy attempts an Exchange to launch you and you block it, that is a huge opportunity. Also, if you block the enemy’s hyper combo, that seems like a big opportunity? i dunno if reversals like in SF4 exist but if they do i’d imagine those are big punish opportunities too

one very important part of adjusting to any new game is to spend time playing it, and not making threads about it. but i’ll try to help you out.

  1. Wakeup games are similar in principle. You’re still either trying to avoid some kind of reversal, or force some kind of mixup.

  2. One thing the Vs. Series has that SF4 doesn’t is “advancing guard,” also called “pushblock.” you push all three attacks, and pushes your opponent back significantly. of course there are still good reversal specials and supers, but pushblock really changes the game.

  3. Marvel is too big to answer a question as broad as that. Some supers are safe, others are very punishable. You’ll just have to play the game and discover for yourself.

In Marvel, knockdowns are less important, but can lead to dangerous combos for the attacker (OTG; On The Ground). You can escape from a lot of knockdowns by performing a Tech Roll, which doesn’t just make you stand up quicker, but roll right across the screen.

One thing to look for with punishing is whiffed or blocked launchers.