Adjusting Sanwa Joystick Stiffness

I currently have two arcade sticks. A PS3 TE Stick and a ps2 custom stick that I’ve had for a few years now. For a long time I have been playing on my ps2 custom, but having played on the ps3 TE stick I’ve noticed how worn in my ps2 stick was.

I figured that the thing to fix was the replace the pcb of my old stick. This did nothing. So then I replaced the spring, this did nothing. I tried doubling up the spring and while it did give it more resistance, it didn’t necessarily give the same feeling that the new sanwa stick on my TE stick gave. I even switched the parts from the TE stick to the PS2 stick and for some god forsaken reason, the ps2 stick still feels loose while the TE stick plays perfectly. What exactly am I supposed to replace?

The best example I can give is whenever I push the joystick all the way to one side and then let go, the TE stick will go straight to neutral and not move at all. Whereas the PS2 stick will go back to neutral and then wobble around a little before settling.

What exactly do I need to change so that the stick goes back to a neutral state faster? For all I know it could have always played like this, but I don’t think that is the case.

It’s possible that the micro switches are worn down.

That is really weird. Generally, the spring determines how loose your stick is. If you switched the TE parts and PS2 parts around, they should feel the same. Did you unmount the JLF from the TE and from the PS2 and switch them?

I dunno what the problem could be… are you sure its not psychosomatic? :stuck_out_tongue:

He said he replaced the PCB, and when you do that, the microswitches are also replaced.

Unless he desoldered them, which he probably didn’t. ._.

I think the TE stick is simply better quality (+less worn) and there’s nothing you can do about it! Other than buying a brand new sanwa jlf for the ps2 stick.

My stick has the same thing that you described but thats because its a hori stick which isn’t quite up to sanwa standards

Above post +1

Does your PS2 stick even have sanwa parts?

If you straight swapped the JLF on the two sticks and the PS2 is still looser than it can only be the case. If its wood especially, after a long time the screw holes can get worn a little wider from the constant pressure in many directions. I don’t know how you have the stick mounted so I couldn’t really tell you how you fix it. You could try just getting some stightly thicker screws to mount it.

get a new jlf p6 spring cover from lizard lick. its cause your spring cover is worn down too much.

Both have the same parts. The ps2 one is made of wood, so maybe i’ll try the screws thing. If it is spring cover then i guess i can try replacing that as well. I don’t see how any of that affects it, but then again i can’t explain the difference.

I can’t unmount the jlf from the ps2 one because i’d have to unsolder the buttons and i don’t know how to do that.

I’m tellin ya man, its all in your head :smiley:

This is your problem.

The JLF P6 Spring Cover isn’t flat on the side that touches the metal washer, it’s got a round spot that fits into the inner ring of the washer – helping it return to neutral.

Your old spring cover is just worn after years of use, that part is dirt cheap and easy to replace!

Take both sticks apart and take a look for yourself.

Yeah I kinda retract my previous statement about the wood. I was under the impression that you had completely swapped the stick from the TE into your custom and not just swapped random parts or whatever.

This is going to sound completely insane, but it isn’t the spring cover either.

Here is another way that I can explain it.

On the ps2 stick, without activating any of the microswitches, I can move the stick around a good bit. With the TE stick, I can barely move it at all without activating a microswitch. I’m starting to think that it may actually have to do with having the shaft cover. I’ll test this out real quick.

Edit: Nope, it has nothing to do with the shaft cover. I am not going crazy, but seriously I am completely dumbfounded.

Shaft Cover doesn’t even touch the Microswitches though.
Even without Shaft Cover, the same part does not hit.

At the end of Shaft, the Actuator hits Microswitch.

Well, at this point I know it isn’t the spring, gate, pcb, spring cover, shaft, or stick disc. I just don’t know what to do. I’m lost.

I think it might have to do with the way it is mounted. The TE stick is mounted kind of low because it has that extra half inch metal plate that makes it stick off a bit. My custom stick is wood and is kind of just mounted directly.

The result is that the TE stick sticks out a little shorter than the custom stick. I don’t know what any of this really leads to, but I will accept that as an answer and just give up on it.