Adjusting to scrubs after pro

i’ve been having a hard time going from playing a good person to playing a mashing noob.

anyone else have this trouble?

like i would meaty throw, but then they always mash reversal super, and catch me. i normally wouldnt look at their bar to see if they have enough cuz after one of these im pretty sure they wont do it again.

and no this has nothing to do with “mind games” its called being a scrub. i know i can just stuff it with a meaty attack but being random in this game looks like it helps…a lot. again i wouldnt like to call it “mind games” i would like to call this “mindless mashing”

discuss :bgrin:

I’m paraphrasing a quote from HugS here, who was being very insightful about the mental aspect of this game. He said something similar to this:

“You don’t want to use mindgames against somebody who doesn’t have them, because they may catch you off guard with randomness.”

Some people play like computers, and it is useless, even hurtful, to try and outthink them. If they do the same thing every time, and you know how to counter it, why would you even worry about outthinking them? Just wait for them to repeat a move and then punish them. If your opponent always throws scissors, would you suddenly throw paper just to mix it up? No! You’d throw rock until he learned that he has more than one move available.

A cat named Wobbles wrote this. Although he is dealing with Smash, the same rules apply to all fighters.

If you want to, you can read the entire thread here:

block more on wake up instead of doing meaty or ticks it does wonders

You can’t scare a person with something that they can’t even fathom. For that reason, you can’t be bothered playing someone who isn’t trying to guess you. Part of ‘mind games’ is outthinking your opponent, and if you’re not reading the fact that they’re only paying attention to what THEY’RE doing and not what YOU’RE doing, then you’re not outthinking them. You’re probably also bad in the sack, because you don’t pay attention to what your woman likes. So, pay more attention, react in the right ways, and watch how you instantly improve in Street Fighter AND sex.

Usually to beat scrubs you abuse your hard to deal with pokes and moves. Keep it simple.

I have found that people that don’t understand a match up or the game in general tend to want to press buttons. As I still do when I play someone I’ve never played before and who I suspect is better than me. People probably do this because they want to take the initiative knowing they lack the knowledge to defend against their tactics. I think you could dominate such players by picking those options out of your mixup arsenal that counters them doing something as opposed to blocking, parrying and evading or in a broader sense: turtling. You could use that as a basis and pick the other “yomi layers” as they learn to moderate how much they attack.

A button masher in 3S is insanely easy to beat. Just block. Dont attack when they wake up. Just block. You win, they stop playing 3S.

pick ken and spam LP shoryu

or spam s.HP with Chun

or do the biggest, phattest tackle combo you can with urien over and over again

just win quick before the scrub breaks the fucking stick none of this blocking nonsense. ;3

Ahha! This is exactally what my friend does, he plays like a complete noob, doing stupid stuff and somewhat what he doesn’t know, and i can’t comprehend his stupidity because i can’t think stupidly like he does.

i get what you mean.

the only problem is when you encounter a player you don’t know/have never seen playing in atournament, and you have to realize quickly if he’s a scrub or not
things that kill scrubs get owned by pros
but if you play mind games the scrub mighty randomly kill you (and it’s you fault if you go for mindgames when the opponent doesn’t have a mind)
so you have to realize how to deal with them very quickly
that’s easy against a “pure scrub” (lol)
the most annyoing ones are the half-scrubs, I mean people that overall play scrubbily but have a couple of good points (in some cases they are evolving from scrubby to good and are like halfway thorugh that) so it’s a bit harder to decide quickly if you have to adopt the “anti-pro” gameplay or not :stuck_out_tongue:
The only correct way imho against a player you don’t know/don’t have an idea on his level is to always play the first round in a safe turtle style with minimal risk and all focus on defence, at least until you understand your opponent’s level. The best players usually do that and it’s actually one of the defining point that separates a good player from a top player.
decent/good players sometimes lose against random people, even if they are better and at any other time they rape them. Top players never, never lose against bad/random ones. It just doesn’t happen.

I think he meant he’s having a hard time going from sucky players to pro, since he’s never really been at pro level in any game ever.


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scrubs usually do risky, unsafe combos ( shoryu) or use slow recovery pokes (low roundhouse for shotos). Blocking does wonders against them.

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