Adjustments for Arthur in "the next Marvel"

A couple of ideas I’ve been pondering:

  • DP+L recovers immediately after absorbing a projectile
  • 2nd hit of DP+H is faster and has a bigger hitbox, so opponent does not fall out in the middle of DP+H as often
  • DP+M assist is replaced with Lance Toss, Axe Toss, or Scatter Crossbow
  • Inputting armor powerup command during gold armor will consume 1 meter and revert to silver armor
  • hurtbox on j.S is reduced so that j.S does not lose to various c.L attacks
  • silver fire bottle knocks down opponent when connecting air-to-air

I like these ideas, why not give him a dash or better walk speed?

I didn’t know the shield can absorb projectiles! I’ll have to get in the lab with that…

The reason for no dash and a slow walk speed is that’s Arthur’s ‘Character Identity’. He was like that in Ghouls and Ghosts. He’s gonna be like that in Marvel.

I feel that the gold armor command while in gold armor mode should just recharge the armor. And that you shouldn’t be in a juggle state after it breaks. It really limits Arthurs options as an anchor. X factor preventing chip is bad enough, but if you’re up against a non-idiot with a beam super, they can kill you np after the armor breaks.

One thing I’ve noticed while playing as Arthur is that a lot of his projectiles move him forward slightly on the ground. I would like this removed, even if only for his assist (the dagger assist puts arthur hella out there)

I would really like to see both versions of scatter crossbow fire an extra arrow, the ground version having an arrow that goes up towards the uppermost opposite corner, and the air version having one that goes at an even steeper downward angle. I mostly would like this for the Wesker matchup (Wesker sj gun should not give Arthur fits, I’m sorry) and the air version would help in the wolverine matchup, allowing for arthur to jump back and still cover the screen at more ranges.

I would also like either A) bigger boxes on the projectiles or B) bigger hitbox for wolvie, because that small fuck will randomly jump out of even the most perfectly spaced dagger/lance wall. Hella annoying.

And faster startup/recovery on most everything.

Oh, and a use for the magic sword command normal would be nice.

And hey, lance safe on block.


would it be broken if arthurs sword command work sorta like dormmamu’s flame carpet, instead it circled arthur for 180 frames and he can still act while it is out?

That smells a little broken. Rose U2 for no meter, lol. But hey, MODOK gets Aegis reflectors for free, so why not?

This is also a problem that Haggar has with his punch super. Just shows Capcom didn’t even TEST THIS SHIT.

Lance is safe on block if you cancel into demon shield afterwards

One thing I’ve noticed while playing as Arthur is that a lot of his projectiles move him forward slightly on the ground. I would like this removed, even if only for his assist

Gold armor should break if you are hit after the meter runs out

The Ability to start Goddess Bracelet in the air (no float, still falls at the same rate) would fix everything.

these are good ideas but i do not like an air goddess bracelet because of the complaining it would cause.

I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with that, but I feel like gold armor is balanced for a 2-meter reactivation cost after you’ve used it once. Being able to use a meter to revert to silver doesn’t affect that part of the metagame.

Of course, you could argue that nakedness is part of the design, as well. I would also be happy with the ability to manually break your armor at a time of your choosing (with, say, armor up command) instead of your opponent waiting until you have 1 second remaining and throwing out a beam super. It could also be a nice pseudo-combo breaker… Wolvie hits you with a divekick and you armor break in the middle of his combo to mess up his timing.

Gold armor breaking based on damage taken rather than time would be a nice change. It’s not like he’s god mode while wearing it, and it fits thematically. It’d also be nice if he would turn into a skeleton when KO’d.

If you can do shield, you can just block instead.

no, he’s saying you cancel the lance command normal/dash into the counter. Other than that it’s hella unsafe.

Though I kinda like canceling into the lances for the pushback.

fuck complainers. A poor reason to do or to not do something to balance.

If you choose the timing though, now you have the problem of them just reacting to it…which is in some ways a little worse. The more I think about it, the more I like damage as the key consideration. The problem as I see it is that you get these matches where you can’t move in, because you’re arthur, and they won’t move in because they’re not idiots and are waiting for the armor to break. If it’s damage instead of time based, that at least forces them to try to get in, or you can bait supers, or whatever. There’s a game to play there, as opposed to the worlds longest punish.

Which isn’t even addressing the fact that x-factor preventing chip is another layer to this problem…

so…give me a pro/ con list to why air bracelet would be beneficial. It seems like a horrible idea.

The problem is that if you make it damage-based (read: you remove the timer) then you have to rebalance it for full-time activation. I mean, think about it: right now, no matter how solid your gold Arthur is, you have a time limit before your trap is broken. With a damage-based limit, you can’t stop a solid trap because you can’t deal damage.

I might be onboard with the concept that Arthur keeps gold armor until the first hit he takes after the timer runs out, but the more I think about it, the more I like the concept of manual armor breaking. It doesn’t require any rebalancing, there are plenty of armor break setups (easiest is to make them block a gold fire bottle), and it actually would add a pseudo-combo-breaker mechanic for Arthur.

I think our difference here is how we are thinking of Arthur. I’m thinking of him as a keep out/zoner character, a la a SF Guile. But you’re raising the concern of Arthur as Strider or a Spiral. And yeah, I can see a Strider/Spiral that doesn’t need meter to fuel their traps as pretty broken. My only return-concern would be that the only known Strider/Spiral-esque aspects of Arthur are based on X-factor, which is already time limited. I’m honestly not convinced that he’s really a viable trap character without Everyone’s Favorite Comeback Mechanic. But then, I’m trash at this game.

Oh hey, another idea
-Make hitstun on j.S longer, so you can actually combo off it when coming down.

Arthur Needs better meter building, faster walk speed and 1.1kk health

Well, Spiral doesn’t need meter to fuel her traps, but I see your point. My response is that it’s obvious that Capcom does not want a Spiral in this game; Arthur is intended to fill the role of a Megaman (i.e. diet Spiral; only one calorie). So my solutions are intended more to keep Arthur from getting blown up than to increase his ability to enforce a trap.

We aren’t going to get a strong trap character in this game; the fact that you gain almost as much meter from blocking a trap as you do for executing it (and that you gain no meter if your opponent dodges it) really throws a wet blanket over the idea.

Watch this and compare it to how he plays in MvC3.

Haggar didn’t have a dash. Chris didn’t have a dash. “Identity” is an excuse for “balance.”

Arthur could also throw weapons straight up and down, but they had no problem removing that part of his “identity.”

Arthurs lance charge works fine for a dash that also pokes people into a combo.

You can’t cancel lance charge into a jump (or airblock) if your opponent does a random super.

And lance charge doesn’t work at all as a backdash.