Admitting defeat and taking a loss


Alright I’ll admit that I had my fair share of loses too.
I know I’m not the greatest ever I don’t even think I am.
I just one lucky SOB sometimes on SSF4, I mean I’m even surprised that I win.

But atleast I can admit defeat and not run away because ‘MY perfect streak’ is ruined.
Like soo many have done before, I’ve seen it online, You probably seen it online.

Stop trying to be sore losers. We all have to lose sometime.


Probably falling mostly on deaf ears here on SRK,as 85% of posters are sore losers by trade,haha!Notice the crickets?


You replied? So you noticed it…
Well it’s probably because I am A Legendary Loser, but you got to admit some people are little babies when it comes to not getting their way. But nothing is fair or cheap in life and internet.

I would rather win/loss to an Offline match then to a Online match but Online pretty cool no matter what the connection is or not.
It’s like a challenge and if you have a bad connection deal with it, it’s more of a challenge.


Yeah,I mean You cant win a game without lag,if there IS lag,so bragging like You did doesnt work.I think of it like enhanced training mode haha!


Unfortunately, there are sore losers AND sore winners online.

But I agree with the topic. Some people just need to remember that it’s “only a game”, and that they can’t always win. Most of the guys with the 30-0 records in ranked are delusional, which is why they quit most of the time.


Seriously man haha. Playing a game should be for fun or maybe a fun competition with friends (or an EVO tournament.) It’s almost funny getting angry messages online saying that it was the connection or just plain out FU.


They make it seem like being ranked #1 is going to get them a million dollar cash prize or something.

Most of the time they just want to have the perfect record to feel good about themselves, but really, it’s totally pointless. I understand wanting to win the game and being competitive when playing, but the countless insults are just childish, and overdone. I mean, does losing really make them that mad? Mad enough to want your address to come and find you because “you keep spamming throw” or whatever else they suck at preventing? Lol. Terrible.


I just thought of something… There might be people who actually do that on here and they just don’t want to talk lol.
Besides that I need to look at my percentage for overall wins/loses


I guess they just feel cool when their record projects an image of a player that’s better than their actual level, some people are just like that. Some people just rage and throw their controllers or yell at their moms when they lose a game, where as others calmly accepts the lose and asks themselves what went wrong and what they could have done to get better. Personally I really dislike how people rage and try to blame everything on others, it happens in all the games. In Street fighter’s case, they’d probably be blaming on their opponent for being “SCRUB” due to the difference in play style.

I just ignore it, there’s nothing we can do anyways to change it, why let it bother you? A win is a win, even if you don’t get the points for it.


I need to learn how to take losses better. It really hurts the growth on learning a secondary character cause then you go “fuck this” and start playing your main.


I always have a problem accepting a loss when there is lag. Sometimes it’s clear I never would have won, then are matches that are close, yet the constant lag fucks me over. I guess it must be the same for the other guy, but it still doesn’t make me feel good about it.


Usually I don’t give a shit about losing, but feel the same about lag. When trying to get a wake up or even a combo, and I get hit with lag. Tonight I was playing a pretty good player and I should have won the round, both my consecutive hits hit and then were rolled back, one hit after the other twice in a row, costing me the match. I really hate that shit, especially against someone who sucks and you get rolled back nearly the whole match or the game is showing you one thing but what is really happening isn’t there, so your hits don’t register or nothing. I hate playing HDR online, but I have some friends there and I try to tolerate it as much as I can.

I have clicky microswitch buttons, so I can hear when my buttons are engaged, and it really pisses me off when I can be tapping the button and no attack comes out or it comes out late. I mean seriously, that is obvious lag input dropping. The game is just no fun to play, and losing because of that sucks.


Some matches make me wonder if it will be laggy on the screen or in button commands. I have a had match where everything was fine but button commands and all the other laggy games I played were just where the screen slows down. Plus, I might be having a problem in blocking for online. It’s like I can’t even block during a game so I tend not to use it because how am I suppose to know if it will work?

Besides that I’m pretty happy to lose no matter how good or bad the person.


its hard to tell the difference between scrubs and good players in this shitty game. whenever I lose I just picture some 11 year old fgt that started playing sf with sf4.

either way online is boring. its like 90% ryu players. EXACT same shit every time…


Anyone who gets hurt over losses isn’t good in the first place. Anyone who has a perfect streak to even worry about isn’t facing any real competition. No one is perfect. I’ve seen Daigo lose to people who aren’t considered his “caliber”. It happens. Just MO.

I’ll be the first to admit my loss, and then give you congrats. That’s how it should be IMO.


I think everyone deals with alot of stupid people who aren’t good with any other character and Ryu. So they pick the simple characters to play,
I want to see some originality online or something. But yeah the exact same shit as before and online is definately boring/gay but if no one has the game around your town/city or dont play fighters your screwed to just play the game alone or online. Thats pretty much my situtation


That’s why I either play online with friends, or offline in Arcade Mode. Although, I must admit: I’ve seen a lot more variety in Super than I did Vanilla. In that game, it was either Ryu, Ken, or Sagat. Hardly see any Cody, Dudley, or Guy players, which sucks. That’s why I don’t know the match-up’s too well.

One thing that sucks online is losing when you’re clearly teching a throw. Sometimes I’m thrown like crazy even when I’m teching. I get a bit antsy and what to challenge them again, but I never throw my controller or yell like a prick, lol.


Blame lag on any kind of online loss, works really well with HDR. :stuck_out_tongue:


Connections are usually really noticeable after you enter the room and check out the bars in my experience. I usually have no problems with losing since I know that I’m not really good myself.
It just sucks how some people act when they play. I’ve had a Ryu match where a Ryu player did nothing but fireball and back jump fierce kick…being that I found it really hard to chase this guy down with Ibuki, I lost and I get a message “LOOOOOOOL!!!” after the match.

I guess it was because I had a little bit more PP than him and I lost against him. Oh well, the match was boring chasing him, would have been stupid to just have done nothing.


Just had alot of matches yesterday with a friend online. I picked Cody, Ibuki, Makoto, T.Hawk and Dudley. I’m literally seeing why people say Cody sucks, I mean he has alot of potential with his moves. But it seems every match I have with any character my opponent has his Criminal Upper is slower than any other move unless I time it right to where they land on it. Besides that, He doesnt have a Dragon Punch and it’s impossible to break out if your opponent is right by you.

I’m having fun using Makoto right now. I had a match with Seth vs Makoto. The only thing I could think of was ‘Oh man he is going to win big time unless he has no idea what to do.’ Luckily, He has never fought a Makoto and lost to my poor Makoto lol