Adobe Photoshop CS series

Anyone know where to get a cheap copy of any of them?

I have an unopened CS3 from an ebay lot of 2 I purchased…make me an offer

you could nudge nudge get it off the interwebz nudge nudge

FWIW, CS3 is great. I still use it.

I’ve got CS2 myself.

I frankly don’t think it’s worth upgrading Photoshop more than once every 2 or 3 revisions.

The changes they make generally aren’t worth the $200 upgrade every two-three years.

Also, you have to take into account processing power. It takes more power and memory to run the CS series of PhotoShop than it did the pre-CS series in general. That said, it is true that the CS series generally does run faster than its pre-CS predecessors did.

There are still many, many people who use pre-CS PhotoShop. Many of them work in illustration and comics, btw.

Before I got my current computer, I was using PhotoShop 5.5 and I was perfectly happy with it.

The only reason I upgraded to CS2 was to get a version of PS that was more compatible with my current OS. I ironically got CS2 just a few days before CS3 hit street. I still bought CS2 because when I looked at the system requirements for CS3 I realized I was much better off upgrading to CS2!

Adobe also jacked up the price of the CS upgrades, too.

They figure they have a captive audience for PS whether most of us like paying their prices or not…

Adobe, of course, counts on most users to stay with PS out of a sense of comfort rather than learning another photo-editing or art creation program.

The alternatives do get better all the time, though, and there are now freeware programs that do a lot of the same things PS does AND support the same type of file formats, too.

IF I got a new computer within the next year, I probably would get a newer image editor if the system showed significant speed advantages. PS, like it or not, would be probably near the top of that list because it’s hard to beat the interface. Regardless of some of the stupid changes and moving around of tools and filters between revisions, Adobe products are generally easier to use than their competitors and freeware alternatives.

That’s why I use PS and not gimp. Plus, there’s literally thousands of ps tutorials online.

PS’s flexibility sometimes works against it in upgrades.

A lot of times the upgrade is not worth it when you realize the average person is using a lot less than 15% of the program’s potential!

If I’m not even using 20% of what CS2 can do, why get a newer version unless a system (OS) upgrade forces me to? This makes less sense if the older version works perfectly fine for me and does what I want it to without hiccuping up a lot.

That’s another thing I like about CS2. It’s not only faster than what I used before it also rarely crashes on me. 5.5 was notoriously buggy where I was concerned. Didn’t help that my old scanner technically didn’t have an up-to-drive for my last OS, too. Oh, the scanner still worked but it also caused half the problems I had with PS 5.5!

CS4 is great… if you actively learn how to use the program it’s not a pain in the ass because its fun to use imo(depending on how much you enjoy altering pictues)…

Giving skinny chicks abnormally large asses=fun

sry but its probably more then im willing to spend.

@boi - last time i tried that, i got a major virus that crashed my comp -_-