Adobe Photoshop CS2: A Good Program?

I recently had to format my computer, and in the process lost my copies of Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready 7.
I’m looking to upgrade to Adobe Photoshop CS2, but I can’t find that much information on it.
Basically, I will be using this program to make avatars and banners, as I did with my old programs.
My question speaks for itself: is this the right program for me? Or should I just stick with Photoshop 7 and Image Ready.

I personally stuck with PS7 because the newer versions slowed my computer down, but if that’s not an issue for you, then you might as well use CS2.

Yeah that’s pretty much it right there. The added features are nice and all but aren’t essential if your comp can’t handle the program.

Yeah, you’re better off sticking with 7. Newest features on CS2 aren’t that important anyway, they only make the program a little more user-friendly but take way too much RAM to be worth it.

Most students have to update it here cuz the colleges/unis always update their programs and Cs2 files will not work on any older version of photoshop/illustrator.
Lucky for me I knew a “few” teachers who would leak the programs out in the student networks…

Thanks for the info guys.
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