Adobe Premiere help

I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. I made a film in Mini DV format that is about 9 gigs uncompressed. I know that Premiere Pro 2 came with a feature called “export to DVD.” Unfortunately, Pro CS3 has an export to Encore feature in its place.

Can someone recommend a way to burn the file to a dvd (auto play or otherwise.) where the quality isn’t lost? I don’t want to give people copies of my film after they’ve been turned into some sort of youtube quality garbage.

You’ll definitely need to give more information, here. What OS are you using. Do you have any burning software available, or are you looking for something free that does this specific job for you?

I’m using windows xp sp2 and I typically use Nero 6 for burning. I don’t really know where to go from here though. I did try encoding the video in a different format and the quality is decent. It can fit on a dvd now, but I was trying to get it to look good without losing alot of quality.