Adon AE changes for 2012 Edition

• Close St. MP is now -4 on block
• Close St. MK is +2 on hit, +3 on block
• Focus attack hitbox is tweaked to be able to hit crouching opponents too.
• Rising Jaguar (LK, MK, HK) – at the start, horizontal hitbox is increased a little, so that after a Rising Jaguar FADC, its harder to accidentally crossover the opponent. Also, one extra frame is given to FADC a HK Rising Jaguar (easier to fadc), thus making it easier to connect an Avalanche Jaguar.
• As for U1, even if you activated it at close range, it wont go over a standing opponent (will go over if crouching).

Okay so there are the changes. Made a thread so we can all discuss the changes in one place.

My views:
Firstly, overall its good news, no huge changes I guess.
However ill break it down into my thoughts on each one.

Close - I still dont use it, and probably wont even after this change. It just looks all sorts of inferior to close st.hp. If the range for using it was increase then perhaps I would.

Close - why change this move? it was fine as it was previously imo. Now as far as im concerned its a pointless move… who wants a move that has more advantage on block than it does on hit? if it did chip then cool… but right now I feel they just took away a frame trap option.

Focus attack - happy with this, maybe slides can actually be focused now?

Rising Jaguar - provided it makes ending combos more reliable, im a happy bunny. Never found it difficult to RJ after an FADC in the first place… as far as im concerned regarding the FADC, its a bit like Bisons FADC change, useful but unnecessary.

U1 - so now we can forward dash after a focus crumple to land the u1? worthless change as far as im concerned. Dudleys equivalent ultra got buffed to work fully on aerial opponents… if that means it does the full Animation im gonna be rather annoyed. Dudleys u1 is basically used for the same purpose as Adons and yet it has an advantage in every way, even more so if this change is correct.

I am not too disapointed, especially after seeing some of the changes to other characters… I was hoping for maybe an extra frame on cr.lp just to make his combo that little bit easier, or at least safe on block -.-
I am happy with the RJ change provided it fixes whiffing during combos, but overall I consider the changes to be a minor buff.

So thoughts? maybe some better Adons than me can give there opinion! :smiley:

The best buff IMO is this one
• Close St. MK is +2 on hit, +3 on block

+3 on block ?! are you kidding ?! This can setup some nasty block strings and even frame traps like;, cr.lp, cr.lp, xx MK Jaguar Kick

or, delay a bit, cr.lp, cr.lp (hit confirm) xx LK Rising Jaguar

This is just some quick examples.

One extra fram to FADC HK Rising Jaguar is a welcome buff as I always found that the window was kind of small. Should make it easier now.

Overall, Adon only got some minor buffs, so he should still be high B, low A tier.

well when you put it that way I guess it may turn out okay. I dont use it all that much as a frametrap anyway so maybe this way I will have a different use for it.

They just made shit that was supposed to make sense … make sense.

Like the u1 no longer whiffing randomly thats a godsend really, I’ll start using it.

Increased hitbox on FA will blow up guys full screen slides no more of those cheap shits.

So frankly mans got fixed, hoping for some actual buffs in the final version wake up time maybe??

That was my main thought when I saw the changes.
A buff in the final version would be really nice :slight_smile:

It’s not a useless change. When you try to punish someothing with U1 and it goes over their head is really annoying, even tho it happens less often if you do the proper version (back or neutral, depending). That also probably means you’ll be able to punish a whiffed akuma stand HK without going over him.
It makes no sense to make U1 a combo ultra, what would U2 be used for then? A lot of characters have one uttility ultra and one combo ultra. Dudley is also a worse character than adon so maybe he needs the buff.

• Close St. MK is +2 on hit, +3 on block
I don’t understand why but whathever, it’s not like stand MK was useful to begin with.

• Rising Jaguar (LK, MK, HK) – at the start, horizontal hitbox is increased a little, so that after a Rising Jaguar FADC, its harder to accidentally crossover the opponent. Also, one extra frame is given to FADC a HK Rising Jaguar (easier to fadc), thus making it easier to connect an Avalanche Jaguar.
That’s a good change. It’s literally impossible to never fuck up the combo. Even the best players miss it ocassionaly because of the weird cross under.

• Close St. MP is now -4 on block
Eh, it’s still punishable, who cares**.**

Two useless changes and two semi decent minor buffs. Could be worse I guess.
I’m disapointed that they didn’t increase the range of sweep. Maybe I should have spammed capcom forums.
Either increase the range or lower his hitbox a la shoto c.MK. Adon has trouble with some pokes because he has no moves that lowers his hitbox.

• Focus attack hitbox is tweaked to be able to hit crouching opponents too.
Wohoo, fuck slides.

Well I said U1 was a useless change as far as I am concerned. It may be good for others but I dont use it.
I also dont want it to full combo, I just think its a bit silly that our u1 is worse than Dudleys u1 in every way.

I also would have liked to have a shoto type hitbox! :slight_smile:

Sigh: St. HP is absolutely NOT superior in every way to lol. St. MP is more useful against the majority of people who abuse OS tech because most people do it at the lastest possible time…I have actually had more success with as a frame trap than s.hp…seriously. s.hp is only really good against people abuse REALLY late OS tech, but for most people who aren’t good at teching that late hits that middle timing sweet spot and still leads into c.jab for combos (of course if they were crouching though you won’t really get anything unless you are sitting on super). They didn’t really specify if this was a nerf or not to close and since I’m not familiar with the data on close I can’t say either way, but if it’s a buff I will be happy because I use it a lot lol…

It is all kind of moot anyways though if you like to abuse jab jab xx HK jag since if you whore that out most people start not to bother pressing buttons anyway.

Well your point may be valid, ive never found to work effectively.
It was definitely a buff though, it was -6 on block.

Useless changes? If you want to know what useless changes are check out the Hayate buffs Makoto got. Lvl 3 and 4 more range, useless, lvl 5 armour break, it takes longer to charge a hayate to lvl 5 than it does to charge a lvl 3 focus…Useless.

heh, im sorry to hear that Makoto got nerfed, I really didnt think she needed any nerfs.

Adon’s “buffs” are underwhelming as always but at least they realize Adon is shit without his wake up speed and buffed his RJ to compensate. The horizontal range better be significant especially his HK RJ.

im glad about the buffs. Im more happy they didnt nerf him. I really wished we got the faster wakeup back though. The u1 buff and st. mk buffs are awesome

I was hoping for wakeup, too. I think Adon will be okay, but it seems like a lot of the cast got even better buffs…wouldn’t be surprised if he slides down a few more places in the tier list. The gief match is looking next to impossible now.

I’m sure you’re angry, but do you go in every character board making inane comments?
A a good number of tweaks in the SF4 series were and are useless. Small changes here and there just to say “hey, we did something”.

I’m not sold on close MP. You don’t have a way to safely cancel it. At least if you want to combo off it. Then again, if people don’t know it’s punishable maybe I’ll use it, it doesn’t actually “look” punishable anyway.

This is one of the reasons I like st.hp! its actually safe! :stuck_out_tongue:

I came in here because I play a bit of Adon. I posted my comment because Adon at least got some buffs that are usable.
I’m not angry about Makoto nerfs or buffs, more just disappointed about the Hayate thing.

Im most excited about the mk buff on block. Being originally a Cody main (now Im probably 60/40 Adon/Cody) frame traps are great and can lead to HUGE damage.

This will open up all kinds of frame trap possibilites w00t!

The horizontal hitbox on RJs sounds good too, but we shall see once we get into the lab with these changes. I’m hopeful that it may help on crouching opponents a bit; that is the worst.

GamerBee’s opinion about the close mk I guess is more qualifed than us to judge the change :

" This sucks , it’s was +5 on hit you can hit confirm with 2MP , now it’s +3 on block but it will push opponent away so it’s not easy to option select with Throw . counter is +2 more frame right ? , so won’t be able to hit confirm with 2MP even counter . "

And his overall opinion is :

" Basically I dont think Adon will be stronger in AE2012 , but it will be good to see other character show up , not too much Twins and Feilong :slight_smile: "

Like you solid I really hope that the change about the rj will really help against crouching opponents to have a real BnB and iajk cr mp rj lk would work against every crouching opponents but I guess I’m dreaming.

Basically yeah, the only saving grace of close MK was the afterwards (and the fact it stands up).
The frame trap talk is cool and all, but what do you want to frame trap with? Adon is not cody, with advancing normals and pretty much always in range to combo. After a blocked stand MK? c.MP maybe, but you’ll have to be sucidal to cancel RJ off it unconfirmed.

But as I said before, was stand MK a significant part of anyone’s game? Yeah, tought so.

I think he’s understating the other (real) buffs, tho. While it won’t necessarly make adon jump a tier, it will make him more reliable, at least if what’s written is not bullshit. The FADC change would be a slight help VS slide heavy characters, especially.

We definitely need to know the extend of the change to RJ. Will it actually allow adon to have a BnB?
But especially: Will it just prevent you from losing rounds because of the cross under and whiffing a HK RJ when you wanted to ultra? Will the change to HK RJ prevent the cases where you execute it point blank yet are magically unable to FADC it and you die? I’m sure everyone loves losing because of random bullshit.