Adon Alpha series strategy thread


Hey SRK… Getting ready for a Hyper Alpha tournament in my area and it is traditional best two out of three game set up. It is best two out of three round format. Grand finals is best 3 out of 5 matches … of course there will be winner and loser brackets. CE, classic, shin bison, and shin gouki are banned. . Most of the people in my area are mostly shoto players and about two strong Guys with one great Gen. My question is what would be the best avenue to take when using Adon. Should I take advantage of the A2 Adon with both super and cc ability, or should i run with Darkstalker ism adon with the magic series and alpha counter with no meter usage. I am even considering using 3rd strike ism Adon due to the parry ability and he plays like his x-ism counterpart. I noticed looking at the rules the tournament will be charater locked yet you can change versions of the character anytime during tournament but not during the set.

What are some of the most damaging customs i can utilize with Adon in A2. What are some combos that are universal for all versions that i can practice while in the lab? Any links to combo videos for a3 or a2 adon would be very helpful.


I was hoping to start some discussion with my fellow Alpha series players… tournament is next week on the 19th… so far i was practicing the customs off of
this here
and use some of these combos as well

thank you keiko for creating these videos.
any other strats utlizing Adon A3 versions would be helpful.