Adon Combo Video


It’s my entry for Team Spooky’s combo video contest. Please enjoy, and show a fellow adon player some love by VOTING!

my word i fuckin love this shit HEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOO. pendulum to pair up with Adon for the crazy good combo video win.

Goddamn, that’s nice.

love this video! some pretty difficult links. the punishment part is really useful. seems uc1 is great against around half the cast.

great vid.

Badass video dude.

This should be in the adon guide thread

seriously seriously solid stuff

Amazing stuff. I hope you win this contest.

fucking awesome, nice work

How the hell do you connect a rising jaguar after a 1 hit (far) rising jaguar in the corner? I can’t figure it out.

The timing for it is tight, and for some characters, namely hakan, t. hawk, and gief, you can only land it if you hit with the very last active frame of the 1st rising jaguar, which means you can’t really put it in a combo. (you might be able to get cr. lk > st. lp > st. lk xx lk rising jag > lk rising jag. that combo might push you far enough away for the big guys.

So it is two lk jags on the other characters?

yeah it’s always 2 lk rising jaguars

Finally hit it, damn it’s way tighter than it looks.

Very impressive video. Thanks for this.


I think this video is great! Your sense of humor is dead on.

I feel like you might get beaten by someone who’s made a more “typical” combo video, but I think yours is rockin’.

I also loved your youtube comment. Fucking hilarious.

bows down

Dude awesome video! That was like the best shit I have ever seen for Adon! I dont know what else if gonna be out there but as far as I am concerned you should win!

Nice, I know what I’m spending my next week learning now lol.

Man amazing video, I had no idea Adon was so versatile! I dropped him because he seemed so limited but this makes me want to try and pick him up again.

Amazing so gonna vote