Adon day 1 thoughts



First and foremost if this is supposed to be in a different forum I apologize

I have been playing Adon since the game released this morning. Here are my general thoughts so far:

  • Adon has arguably one of the best cross up’s in the game with jumping mk
  • As of now ultra 2 is the better of the two since you can fadc into it and use it as anti air.
  • It’s super hard to punish fireballs with ultra 1 as of now. It may be my reaction time isn’t the best.
  • Jumping Jaguar kick is a great punishment tool from half a screen length away.
  • He has one of the better focus attacks of the game
  • He really lacks combos. All he can really combo anything into is Jaguar Rising.
  • Jaguar Rising is incredible. Works as nice AA and can be FADC’d into ultra 2 and has nice chip.

Let’s talk match up’s.
Almost every match either seemed fair or in my favor. Bison however wins this match from my experience. Adon also has some trouble with Cody and Juri, but that’s about it for his poor match up’s.

I really think he is a great character despite people recently calling him “ass”. I’m looking forward to repping him at the MWC in a few weeks. I’m curious to see what you guys think about him.
If anyone wants to play my Adon feel free to add me on XBL. My GT is Paragon Trepe.


Huh? He can punish from 3/4th screen and you don’t even need to be buffering U1 unless you’re playing against Guile.

It’s decent, but nothing amazing. It whiffs if you absorb a slide attack, like Fuerte’s.

Actually in my experience it’s quite horrible when compared to other DPs. I’ve been thrown out of it on startup, and it whiffs on a lot of crouching characters because it has a shitty hitbox.


I’ve found his Focus attack to be annoying when it whiffs. Constantly get punished for it.

As for his Rising Jaguar, I like to stick with the lk version just because it provides an easier way of comboing into it from c.lp c.lp.


I played a lot of Endless Battles which some friends. I did pretty well when I brought out Adon, who is as close to a main as I have. Could beat their pretty good Makotos and Deejays and so on pretty well. But Guile gave me a lot of trouble.

Jaguar Tooth is addicting since it’s so fast and pretty safe even on block. But there are a lot of ways to counter it; dragon punches, criminal uppers, MAKOTO’S U1 AHHHH. Rising Jaguar is a nice combo tool but not a super great anti-air. He has some great normals on the ground but I haven’t sussed out his good ones to use in the air.

I like him though. He takes damage and doesn’t have a lot of flashy combos but he’s quick and a little sneaky.


Agreed. From what I can tell all versions also have issues hitting properly as AA (Oftentimes only getting 50 damage, and if timed any later you’d just get smacked in face). Trade into ultra is cute, but I’d rather it have true invincible frames.


Day 1 for me:

-I have TERRIBLE execution when it comes to comboing,cr. lp xx DP+K. TERRIBLE. I damn near gave up on it lol. comboing multiple crouching light attacks into DPs always give me problems.
-DP+K was getting stuffed like crazy by normal jump ins. What the fuck? I had shoto stuff it multiple times. This thing seriously needs some more invulnerability. Either that or someone needs to give me some tips ASAP.
-I pretty much went with Ultra 1 exclusively since nobody really talks about it. It’s VERY good for punishing FBs. I do believe that Ultra 2 will be used in more matchups, but I’m loving the Sleepover against shotos and sagat.
-Standing hk feels slow, but its still a beastly poke. Standing mk is faster and a nice poke as well.
-I’m liking HK Jag Kick in close range pressure strings. I’ve yet to be punished on block.
-Taunt 3 (his laugh) is awesome. I will ALWAYS use it. Colors 8, 9 and 10 are awesome as well.


I feel he’s the new Blanka… Good mix ups/cross ups but that’s about it… And a reliable FADC to ultra.


Almost everything you mention we’ve talked about in the other threads…some of which desperately need more information and opinion. :slight_smile:

I see where you’re heading, but I can’t follow that. I mained Vanilla Blanka and I really don’t see Adon’s game being anything like that horrible situation. Useful, safe BnB’s that ground the opponent. Footsie/Baiting game is completely different. No options to bottle up and wait the timer out. I can see more of a similarity to Cammy, but even that statement is wrong for a lot of reasons.

Only similarity I see is that Blanka and Adon might share the same “enh” mid-tier…not bad, but someone either does similar things better…or the upper tiers’ strengths override anything Adon/Blanka have going on.


I was wrong, MK and HK versions have true invincibility frames. The frames on the former seem really short (I’ve very consistently traded with jabs after light jump-ins), but HK has enough that it shouldn’t lose to normals at the very least. Guess Capcom just wanted different uses with each version. I’ve messed with his BnBs more and now I don’t really have issues with them. At worst, c.LK x2-3 is about 130-150 damage and good pushout or combos into super (Which isfar better than what Hakan, the other character I’m currently using gets for links)

It’s definitely waaaaayyy too early to judge his placement.


my worst match up is grapplers except el furte, and cammy and blanka. I have to turtle vs cammy i order to win; same vs blanka.


I agree. His dp. as an anti-air is subpar. His ex. rj is his get off me move with ex. version of his other moves having no invincible frames (damn jaguar tooth). I also think his worse match-ups are the grapplers. Giefs/T.hawk destroys me. But I think it is something that is lack of character knowledge and match-up experience. Overall, I’d say he is mid-tier and will probably stay there. The fact that his moves + ultra can completely (rather easily too) evade fireballs for a hit is major win.


I’ve pretty much dominated everyone I’ve played so far as Adon, and I’m far from even using advanced combos with him.

Also, it it just me or does Adon have an advantage over Dudley? Could be that I just fight shitty online duds, but it feels like he has to struggle to get me in a corner.


If you make a on block , Adon’ll be back in a good range to make lk rising jaguar or neutral jump , HK jaguar kick ( in downward phase )


I’ve used him quite a bit, and I’m wondering… Why would you ever choose Ultra-1? It just seems bad. It goes right over peoples head’s sometimes and I’m pretty sure it can’t be used at its full potential in an air juggle. I don’t think it goes into the animation, but I could be wrong. It seems like the only use is to go through fireballs or to punish really, really, really, slow moves on reaction, which can still be kind of tough as it hits so strangely. I mean, at least Ultra-2 is so much more punish friendly, and anti-air friendly, AND a can be hit after a Rising Jaguar cancel… So why Ultra-1? Besides the obvious fact that it looks way, way, cooler hehe.


I dunno I’ve been playing him to get away from my mains and he’s nice, he can be real flowchart though. I’ve beat people with just spamming lol. It’s hard to hold on to meter though for me I use ex alot for some reason? I his combos have weird timing but I’m getting it worked into muscle memory. I think its to early to tell but hes definitely mid and up. I like both of his ultras while u2 is more practical if I’m fighting fireballers I go straight to U2 lol


Halfway decent guiles destroy me with adon.
In response to the OP’s coments on adon having one of the best crossups: Adon has a good crossup but its nowhere NEAR the best. T-Hawk and zangeifs body splash attacks have that one pretty much wrapped up.


So far feels mid/low tier to me. His DP is realbad in comparison to a lot of characters. BUt his pokes are crazy. his c.MP might be better the hi s.HK. his mixups are grea nice you put see in the corner but that isn’t super easy.

songo saying at he is like blanka. there a huge difference. Blanka has better normals then adon at his point. c.MP for blanka stuffs 90% of jumpins and adon can’t do that. Blanka’s crossup is better because his blockstrings and jump speed make him more of a threat. Blanka also only needs 1 ex bar to basically stuff by fireball or reversal any attack. That bein said i really like his style. Also frame a on him would be very interesti to see, i havn’ seen any confirmed lists yet. He doesn’t do a lot of damage and doesn’t have a very solid chip attack that has priority. He feels like fei a lot in that respect. I really like him and figuring new stuff out is great. Just on good normals alone you can go far in ssf4 lets see what else we can do.


I’m gonna say he’s C+ tier.
How are people doing in the Bison match up?


So far, online*, Dudley matches have come down to keeping him at s.roundhouse range or further back. He’s like grappler but without the big 360 grabs and in some cases, worse footsies. Close up and wake up game are Dudley’s money situations. You keep him out of those situations and you’re winning the spacing game. Outside of dash, he’s stuck with machine gun blow and his dive special to move forward quickly. Adon’s normals/footsies are strong enough to keep that distance. Tooth/Kick at the right moment will eject you out of danger if he starts pressuring.

*-of course…this is online…if I go play a good IRL Dudley, it is very likely everything online showed me was complete bullshit. Also it’s early and I am average, so whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey. You know what. Let’s move this to the match up thread. It needs this love. It’s not day 1 anymore anyways. Closing.