Adon enquiry

First off, let’s say I pull off a cross up and I know I’ve connected. What should I follow up with? Obviously c.lp xx hk RJ doesn’t cut it, and I don’t wanna waste my time practicing anything suboptimal. However, if the combo you describe in answer to this question involves a one frame link, a crutch combo to fall to before I get that link down would be appreciated.

Next, what are a few good follow-ups to and footsies? For example, does either cancel into grounded Jaguar Kick; would an iAJK be a good follow-up for either, and if so, which version(s)? What else works good to do afterward?

Should I ever cross-up with anything besides I think I remember people talking about JK or AJK crossing up, which versions are used and in what situations (unless I am mistaken, and these don’t cross-up at all)?

I was thinking it’d be nice to have a combo I could cancel into RJ or on hit confirm, and cancel into JK to continue pressure on block (sometimes). Is there anything like this, and if so is it practical?

What do I need to know about Jaguar Tooth? I kind of just throw this out right now when I know it’s unexpected, and it makes me feel super scrubby. When do people use it? Is EX good at the beginning of the round sometimes, or is it always better just to walk forward (unless I’ve got a read on an idiot of course)? What can punish which versions? Is mk version good to use to land in front of people at all, ever (kinda like blanka ball shenanigans I was thinking)?

When, if ever, should I use mk RJ?

Am I correct in the following:
lk RJ has no invincibility frames but very high priority and speed
mk RJ is identical, only more vertical/less horizontal
hk RJ has 6 invincibility frames, high vertical inclination, but should still be avoided as an anti-air if the opponent jumps deep enough

Is there a normal used for anti-air when the RJs won’t hit (opponent’s jump-in will hit high on Adon’s body)?

I’ve been using s.hp xx mk rj as my go-to punish, is this what I should be generally using and are there other situational punishes I should be aware of?

What are some basic safe-jump setups that are useful at high level play, or should I abandon the idea of setting them up and simply master the distance and timing to use them unprompted?

I’ve almost always been using hk iAJK because I employ it to punish fireballs so often and I assumed it was the best tool for the job, so when are the other iAJKs useful? I know I should be using them for their specific ranges, but I’m more looking for situations they work well in.

Sorry for not searching these questions too thoroughly. Feel free to flame for it, or if I should have posted this in a different thread or something. I usually make google documents compiling all of the most relevant data I can find for the characters that I play, and most of this information will be put forth towards that. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply constructively if you do.

MK RJ should only be used if you are going for an FADC punishment combo. Since it is stronger than using HK RJ in it.


MK RJ > FADC > Ultra 2 is 437

HK RJ > FADC > Ultra 2 is 397

I typically cross up with j.:mk: then combo into s.:hp: xx :hk:.RJ. I’ve seen Adons use j.:lk: to cross up, but it’s deep as hell when compared to j.:mk: cross up.

If you can hit-confirm the crossup, than the easiest and most damaging followup would be xx hk.RJ.

s.hp is the most damaging but is harder to link imo especially right after a hit-confirm.

And c.lp xx RJ isnt too bad either cuz you can just choose whether or not to cancel into RJ or just chain another c.lp then tick throw. Much easier to hit confirm after crossup.

Exactly. The s.hp is pretty easy to get after the cross-up but I find that the follow up hk.RJ will often whiff.

Ok. So first off cross up with j. lk because it’s a much better cross up. Second, hit confirm with c.jab. If the c.jab hit (even if they are crouching) you can do another c.jab and LINK LK RJ. linking lk rj from crouch jab ( true hit confirm) is a 2 frame link. Don’t do rh, it’s a one frame if you link it. If they block the c.jab, you can c.strong and xx to mk jk. Most characters can’t answer unless they have ex or ultra. Blocked mk jk puts you in range to do another c.jab c.strong xx mk jk. I’ve done 4 in a row on rufus and Guy in the corner before they got enough ex to get out. 32 damage on chip with jk, so that means I got 128 damage on someone while they were blocking lol Some characters can dash under mk jk so you can mix it up with c.strong xx RH jk. Mostly, poke with c.strong and buffer the mk.jk. if it hit’s or is bloked you get a free in and 32 damage.

Hmmm. seems to have a better hit box. Is it the start up and active frames that makes better…?

Looks like 4 frames of start up and 12 active for and 7 and 4 for so looks like it. Is timing more strict so as to not hit them too early? So early that you don’t have time to combo once you land…

You got it. 4 frames of start up is crazy good when mixed with a hit box that crosses up. Use it to your advantage. But to make sure you do enough hit stun to combo, I suggest jumping over them and start the very late. Literally on the other side of them. Even if you do hit the cross up at the top of their hit box, you’re at advantage. c.jab is guaranteed to be blocked or maybe combo since it’s a 3 frame normal (unless they srk)

Christ, there’s no such thing as a universally good normal. There’s a reason has less active frames than, it’s a great cross up. If less active frames is the primary reason you’re avoiding one normal over another, you have a very very limited understanding of what makes a normal good or bad. is a great cross up. So is for other uses. Neither is better than the other, and if you’re really going to choose “one or the other” rather than “whichever is appropriate for what I’m trying to accomplish at the time” you’re limiting your game. Which is stupid.

Blue: c.lp HK RJ is a great combo, you’re playing Adon, don’t expect many combo options at all, if you did anything into RJ you’ve basically maxed out damage. Any stronger normal than jab will space you too far for the HK JR anyways. You also don’t want to do the same combo every time, the damage difference between c.lp LK RJ and c.lp HK RJ isn’t significant in the scope of the match, and if you want to play Adon right, you’ll have to focus on keeping your opponent disoriented instead of maxing damage (Adon just isn’t a “max-damage” type of char). After a cross up, you could back throw them to reset, then cross them up again when they get up with an empty jump and c.short into combo. Or you could HK JK as soon as you land and catch them trying to throw tech you. The point is Adon has options, use them. Combo not for damage, but for momentum.

Yeah, because we’re saying you should use only one move. GTFO with that. We are discussing differences between normals not shuning entire moves. Hey guys, if you side with doing any normal more than another, than you are totally limiting your game and are stupid :rofl: Maybe we should post every situation the move should be used in to not allow your mind to wander. Sorry man, you just really irritated me with your ignorance.

Anyways, is pretty excellent for block stun/hit stun since you can combo s.fierce after it if spaced correctly. If you want that damage I’d suggest going for the I’d compare more to the shoto seeing as they both share a massive amount of active frames along with a hit box that is both right below, in front and rather large in the back. You can jump in after a knock down and get a very ambiguous cross up. So Ambiguous that you wont even know what side you’ll end up on. The beauty, is that it doesn’t matter what side you end up on because the hit box is on all sides :wink:

I guess I’m crazy.

Anyways, is just as ambiguous as’s longer active frames makes absolutely no difference when you’re doing it late in the jump anyways. j. lk is good for tick throws, and baiting a response. is good for combos and block strings as well as baiting.

That’s what I was thinking when I asked about the hit stun. My “go to” cross up for damage is hk.rj. Does 280 dmg and 342? stun, only 15 less than if a s.hp would allow for the hk.rj to connect. 100 less stun though. Sometimes I’ll opt for a, or a throw, really depends on what I want to happen.

LK rising jaguar have invulnerability on the legs. Is throwable.

MK rising jaguar have invulnerability on the body. Not throwable.

HK rising jaguar have 6 frames of full invulnerability. Not throwable.

EX rising jaguar have 8 frames of full invulnerability. Not throwable.

What this means is that LK RJ is good for reversing low meaty attacks. MK RJ is good for anti airing but not good to use on wake up. HK RJ is good for both but due to it’s limited range if it is blocked, you might not be able to FADC out of it. HK RJ is a safe punish combo

iAJK is a nice option. If you expect a fireball, ground MK JK or EX JK works. Learn the distance on EX JK, because it’s great. It hits high and goes through a lot. If you think they’ll jump, HK JK will smack them out of the air without putting you in too much danger if you guess wrong. If you condition them to expect HK JKs, you can try forward dashing right into their face after a or has it’s uses and there are some character specific crossup shenanigans, I think most deal with MK JK on crouching and waking up chars…

A combo into would be wonderful. But c.lp is the go-to-combo starter you’re thinking off, but really any block string that is special cancelable can be canceled into RJ on hit and JK on block, so long as it doesn’t push them too far. I typically aim for c.lp HK JK on block and c.lp LK RJ on hit.

Jaguar Tooth is difficult to use effectively and requires a lot of self control. Throughout the match throw out HK JT when you know they’ll block it, then bait an ultra with MK JT or LK JT (character specific!). A HK JT can combo with c.lp but this is difficult and I only bother trying it when I’ve got meter (HK JT c.lp Super). On block, you’re options are pretty sweet. You can early nj.HK, you can empty neutral jump and wait for a reaction, you can throw, you can block (especially effective after you’ve conditioned them to throw tech), you can HK JK to punish them, or you can tick throw (woo!). As great as this all sounds, you’ll only get away with it if you wiff a bunch of LK and MK JTs throughout the match to throw off your opponent, and it’s usefulness is very dependent on matchup (Dudley for example can punish MK and LK JT easily). Sometimes, wiffing LK and MK JT’s aren’t worth the effort, considering how long you give up control of Adon to do so. Be ready to hit s.HK if you juggle them in the air. It’s barely less damaging than a Rising Jaguar and much more reliable. And don’t forget EX Jaguar Tooth to ultra in corner… It’s risky but fast and high reward.

Well, it’s first hit is stronger than HK RJ’s first hit, so it’s useful in FADC combos. It’ll also connect at the end of a combo from distances that HK RJ won’t (though personally, I tend to end combos in LK RJ for horizontal range).

close s.HK is great, it’ll hit people trying to cross you up. It does take unique timing and you must make sure that you don’t hit it early and get a far s.HK.

That’s a great one. If you don’t have time to get close, c.HP and LK JK do the trick. Knowing how to iAJK LK RJ wouldn’t hurt.

Both. Back throw is a great start for anything Adon can do, back throw all day :rofl:

And the question you forgot to ask:

Good question! Adon’s the King of Muy Thai and has the baddest forward dash in the game:rock:. If you air-to-air reset with, you can often forward dash UNDER your opponent and slam them with a quick c.lp c.lp RJ (FADC ULTRAA!!) or c.lp Super. Against characters like Akuma that have air specials, you can fearlessly forward dash two or three times under their attacks and hit them during their landing frames. It dashes under high hitting normals, and can sometimes get you out of ambiguous cross ups.

Adon rules.

I’m going to have to agree with Haze on this one. I have been using a combination of both and for cross-up/jump-in situatations, and here are my primary uses for both., as noted is awesome for tick throws and immediate throws. Because the opponent is not in block-stun for very long, you can throw your opponent immediately. When I want to condition my opponent to throw, I like to use > throw (perhaps a couple of times, until the opponent begins teching the throw immediately after the jump-in), then switch it up to > standing close.HP > c.LP > lk.rj (fadc to Ultra or mk.rj if close enough). These are my primary setups with the and is my primary option for throws and throw baiting. The standing close.HP is a very easy hit confirm into crouching jab, just practice the timing., I like better because of the block stun. The is very ambiguous as well, but this is my go to jump in option if I am planning on combo’ing or entering a block-string. Of course the go to combo would be a combination of either or c.lp (x2) > mk.rj (fadc Ultra or mk.rj). My go to block strings are a mix of 2, 3 or 4 hits (always ending in, followed by a canceled kick or tick throw or block. Also worth note, if you are catching your opponent crouching a lot, if you use 3x c.lp > > ex.Jaguar Kick the 4 hits will push the opponent far back enough for this to either hit or to be safe on block.

Keep mixing things up of course. (This post is directed at the original poster, I just quoted Haze because I agree with what was said.)

Use if the crossup is set up. ie: after a knockdown. Better block/hitstun and damage, plus it’s ambigious.

Use off a ballsy random crossup because of the much better hitbox. It’s very hard to walk under it unlike Only do c.lp c.lp after it cause the hitstun is too bad for and it can sometimes get blocked.