adon help

i need help with the adon match up. his jaguar kicks seem unpunishable.

The best tools against adon:

Neutral Jump HeadButt to stop the overhead jaguar kicks. Once they get tagged they’ll think twice about throwing them out.

Backdash. If you’re playing an adon who loves to spam the HK-jaguar tooth just backdash and it’s a free LP SPD

use cr. :lk: O~S forward crouching :hk: to stop his back-dash game.

O~S EX-GH LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER, all you need is one tag to get in and start the oki game.

How do you do that? Read about it, but dont get it. What do you press, and when, and why? Thanks !

On wake up (adjust to his wake up timing since it’s noticeably faster than the rest of the cast)

Start doing the ( cr. :lk: cr. :lk: ) but in between hit Cr. :hk: so if he back dashes the pursuit property of the cr. :hk: comes out instead of another short, but if stays there you just get another short.

Input: Cr. :lk: O~S cr. :hk: cr. :lk:

Another small trick I learned here was to kill his backdash game was while he’s still on the ground start whiffing s. :lk: a couple times. The odds an Adon will JUST block against gief on wake up is downright astronomical.Then on actual awake up (keep in mind this is if he isn’t sitting on 1-2 meters) EX-GH.

90% of the time it’s a accurate guess. EX-GH will beat out his Jaguar kick (make sure you’re Just barely outside of point blank range) if he backdashes you tag him and start the mixup, if he neutral jumps you end up on the either side and get a free SPD upon his arrival on the ground.

That was helpful !

n.jumping Headbutt. :slight_smile: I’ve played some OK Adons and a few good ones, and I love headbutt in this match-up. Adon likes that move to traverse across the screen and zone you out. Headbutt > cr.RH, and let the cross-ups persists.

Don’t focus or EX RBG, he has too many armor breaking attacks.

But for this match, I dig headbutt and I really just like to bait Adon into moving forward and punishing. On wakeup or during a jump they like to use their DP often. Backdash and SPD/Ultra. Even though this is Gief’s match, you still need to be patient. Adon has plenty of moves to get away from you and a good one can run circles around you, if you don’t stop him.