Adon Kara Throw?



I keep being told Adon has a Kara throw. Is this true? If so what exactly is it?


Yeah. It’s his :hk: but there isn’t much of a difference so it isn’t really a crucial part of his game.


Oh right fellows … I want to bump this up again … because the statement that Adons Kara-Throw is not important is simple not true !!!

Actually his Kara-Back-Throw (with roundhouse) is super usefull:

Why ?

For all that does not know it (maybe) Adons back-throw has more range (much more) than his forward throw … using his roundhouse to kara his back-throw gives Adon one of the best throw-ranges in the game! It is true that the kara does not add a lot but it is enough to make exactly one thing possible --> Adon is in perfect kara throw range after two blocked lights (lp or lk) and this makes a big big difference for his throw game.

Normaly you tick throw after one light or you have to walk a tiny step to come into throw range … with the kara you dont have to and become harder to predict/react.

Fun fact:

If you hit a back-throw you are in 100% perfect range for another kara-back-throw … 8)

Just back-throw > cr.lp > cr.lp > kara-back-throw … a lot of players will not expect that your are in meaty throw range now and will eat another back-throw …

There are a lot of applications for the kara-throw … especially with Adons very good forward move speed you can dance a bit and walk into the kara range … !!!

It is usefull --> Use it !!!


thank you for this tip!


I noticed that b.throw puts me in range of a raw b.throw, no kara. What am I missing?


Depends on the character … some chars have smaller throwable hitboxes … if you kara the b.throw you will always be in range …