Adon on Fightpad ...?

Hey guys

Pretty new here, not sure if this is the right place but meh, perhaps a mod can move it if needed.

Anyway here’s some of my lifes story… I have been playing Adon since ssf4 release but I havent had much time to put into the game. Having watched good old GamerBee for a while now and then seeing his performance in EVO I have been inspired to stop being shit and get better.

My question to you guys is, who plays him on pad ? I cant really afford a stick until end of september so its not like I can convert. I seem to have alot of trouble using the dpad for IAJK’s and I swear using my right thumb for the 6 buttons is the reason I really struggle with some simple combos. RJ>FADC>U2 is a good example. If anyone does play him on a fightpad perhaps you can help with suggesting the best ways to improve on one.

Alternatively does anyone feel the pad is better than the stick for playing Adon ? I shouldnt imagine there is an advantage to using a pad over a stick but maybe one of you knows ?

Thanks for your time and sorry for the lifes story and wall of text, I just dont know when to stop typing !! :smiley:



If you’re used to pad, you’ll do well. Only thing that might give ya trouble is Instant Air Jaguar Kick, although it also depends if you Tiger Knee it or not.

I play adon on a pad and can pull off all of his moves fairly consistantly. I have a stick too be i just cant use adon on it his links are easier on a stick though.

heh this is currently what im trying to learn, thats the…

d, db, b, u, kick ?

Correct me if im wrong of course.

Yeh I guess practise is the same with everything. Thanks for the replies guys.

You truely feel they are more difficult on the stick ? That suprises me but its good to know that some like the pad better. I guess if I got used to it enough I could save myself a few quid :smiley:

Yeah I don’t tk the iajk though so i do up db b kick and i get them consistently.

The instant Air Jaguar Kick…shouldn’t that just be the ground Jaguar Kick

I think my fingers are too slow tbh. I have tried doing it as quick as possible and cant get anything to come out, and other times I feel like im so high in the air I may aswell be screaming kick the crap out of me.

I have tried both ways but I guess my timing it off. It just seems easier to think of doing it on a stick but as you guys say practise practise practise :smiley:

First off, yes you can play adon effectively on a pad, adon requires very good execution no matter what you are playing on. Second is the IA jk, its a lil harder to do than a regular tk(like cammys) because he has to be a little higher off the ground for it to come out so you have to delay the kick sometimes and this throws me off.

I just use the regular jaguar kick for pressure for now, it breaks armor so its not like its garbage lol.

I used to use pad in Vanilla, but now I play 100% stick. I don’t TK my iAJKs, since the timing is extremely weird, and they come out fine most of the time. Non-TK iAJK feels almost like doing a 360 motion, so if you can do those on pad, more power to you.

I currently use a pad to play Adon. So far I have been succesful with him. For the IAJK and FADC to ultra that just takes practice (I can do FADC to ultra on both sides easily in training mode, however I still havent devoted the time to implement it into my game yet).

Both pad and stick is fine, if you don’t know your fundamentals then you will suck regardless of what controller you use. I will be buying a stick just to have as a additional toy but I will more than likely stay with a pad.

thanks for the tips guys.
Yesterday I spent about 20 minutes (didnt have much time spare) practising the TK IAJK’s I just felt like I was too slow, but as you all say practise.

Dont get me wrong its not like im getting beat alot, but to show how little I play, my BP is a meagre 1100. Luckily my PP isnt far behind at 1070 :smiley: but either way this shows how little I play imo.
Infact I think im going to practise for an hour or so, whey for a free morning !!

to be honest… i can perform every combo on pad that i can do on stick… I prefer to play pad with some characters and adon is actually one of them. IAJK’s is just a different kind of motion, you sort of have to find something that works for you instead of following peoples guides on here. I use to do that 360ish motion for my IA’s and it worked fine, only reason i changed is because i think doing a 360 is kinda silly to make a move come out lol

heh does seem like alot of work. I have read the whole IAJK thread now and think ill probably try IAJK’s by jumping then inputting, seems to make more sense, I guess I just gotta get the timing down.

Its good to know you get all the combos down, I am a massive noob when it comes to Street Fighter, but good old GamerBee inspires us all :wink:

i play adon on the ssf4 fightpads and execution feels as easy as a stick

I have been playing a bit more the last day or so and I found I can do cammys pretty regular but with adon … eugh … :stuck_out_tongue: also I have tried just the midair version but I guess my timing is off as I either just wiff it and end up doing a random lame kick or I do one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to high :smiley:

Honestly I can do the instant air easier on the pad than on the stick, u, d, db, b method not the TK motion. But I can’t FADC to save my life on the thing…

I actually find FADC easier … my timing must be off but im gonna practise laters. :sweat:

Try tapping down first, it helps. Once you get to being consistent that way ease off on tapping down, not to sound like I know what the hell I’m talking about but I just this last week went through learning this. I can actually FADC pretty consistently I just can’t do anything after it…

Ah I had that problem, I would end up just standing there having wasted two bars :stuck_out_tongue:
It feels so good when you get it nailed though. Ill try what you suggested :smiley: