Adon Petition: Capcom Please include Adon in SSF4


making this thread to support Adon to be included in SSF4, with all the new info being released it sounds like “roughly 8 characters” are planed to be put into SSF4, 3 of them seemingly being Juri(new character), T. Hawk, and Dee Jay.
that potentially only leaves 5 more slots(though nothing is final yet) so anyone who would like to see Adon in SSF4 please post here and let Capcom know that the Fans want Adon! even if its just to bump it lets do what we can to make sure we see more of Adon.


these never end well…


how do you know nothing is final at this point? SSF4 is anticipated in 6 months, and if Adon isn’t already in the game, then I think it’d take too much work to as of now make a model for him + moves, + balance.

I just think it’s a little late to “petition”…


I really want Adon in SSF4 but I dunno if anyone’s going to pay much attention to the votes with option 3 taking a cheap shot :wink:


its not against the rules is it? i mean i know ill get alot of people prefering other characters but i was under the impression that it was ok to make a character poll like this to support a character getting into a game. Mods let me know if this was a bad move, im not trying to spam the the boards or anything.