Adon player pocket character advice!

I main Adon of course but I’m looking for a character to have just in case of matchups that are really bad for Adon not sure who I should pick up for this any ideas?

Gouki is good against Honda, Gief, Hawk.
Fei-Long against the twins and maybe Boxer, Sagat should be good instead of Fei and is very good against the three list above.

Oh nice I’ve been learning Sagat anyway I may go with him as my pocket fighter for now.

Personally, I’ve found that trying to pick a character for the sake of covering matchups doesn’t really work out. My two main alternates are Honda and Chun-Li. If I have a lot of trouble with Adon in a certain matchup, one of them will work better for me even if it isn’t really obvious on paper.

Most of the matchups in SSF4 are 4-6 at the worst (Adon doesn’t have anything rated more difficult IIRC), the margin of error on that is something you can make up for with basically any character you’re comfortable playing. You probably picked Adon because he ‘clicked’ for you, find a new character the same way!

I actually found myself really clicking with Oni, which is far from the optimal choice (fei, akuma, yun) for countering bad matchups, but Oni presents very different offensive options, while still maintaining a very similar button input array.

Yea I kinda feel that way about oni too but i find Yun kinda clicks for me as well but I feel so cheap playing him so I’d rather find someone else the search continues!

No offense I think Yun clicks for anyone :wink:
I like Oni too, maybe its because he has (what I feel anyway) even better normals than Adon! I found myself throwing pokes out similar to how I use and cr.hp with Adon, a friend made a comment about ‘bloody Adon players’ :smiley:

Playing Yun makes me feel retarded. :C